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  1. Super Nomario

    Game Theory-Spiking and Clock Management

    LOL, I am reading The Essential Smart Football and just got to a chapter entitled "Why Spiking the Ball Is Almost Always a Bad Idea." I thought of you. (I don't really have a dog in this fight. It does seem like the conventional wisdom has shifted and you see spikes way less than you used to)
  2. Super Nomario

    Pending Free Agents / Extension Candidates

    In addition to Brown, there are a number of interesting upcoming FA: Pretty much the whole receiving corps, both specialists, about half the corners, Trey Flowers, and both starting DT. Flowers will likely get good money somewhere. Guys...
  3. Super Nomario

    Baseball and Japan / US relations

    I never post in this forum but I went to a lecture last night that I thought would be worth sharing. The talk was by Rice history professor Sayuri Guthrie-Shimizu. Among the items I learned that I didn't know: Contrary to popular (or at least my) belief, baseball was not introduced to Japan...
  4. Super Nomario

    ITP Draft Guide: Available for Pre-order Now

    Inside the Pylon has recently announced that we are launching our first-ever draft guide! This will include profiles of our top 100 draft prospects, cross-checked by former NFL scout and The Scouting Academy director Dan Hatman, Locked on NFL Draft and Breaking the Plane host Jon Ledyard, and...
  5. Super Nomario

    Next Coach Up?

    Way early for this speculation, but ... both Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia get floated as "hot" head coaching candidates. Who would be the "next man up" if either / both of these guys left? Offense: Brian Daboll, TEs - Has OC experience with four total years in Cleveland, Miami, and Kansas...
  6. Super Nomario

    Inside the Pylon in the Washington Post

    Lost in all the Stork hubbub is today's biggest news: @mascho and I wrote a piece for the Washington Post Sports section. Well, Mark wrote it; I just contributed a few stats, but he magnanimously let me share co-author credit...
  7. Super Nomario

    2016 Roster News & Reactions

    QB (2): Garoppolo, Brissett Suspended: Brady This one is easy. RB (5): Lewis, Blount, White, Bolden, Develin Practice squad: D.J. Foster Cut: Brown, Iosefa, Gaffney Essentially the same group as last year. WR (6): Hogan, Edelman, Amendola, Mitchell, Slater, Dobson Practice squad: DeAndre...
  8. Super Nomario

    Introducing the Inside the Pylon YouTube channel

    ITP has launched a YouTube channel. Schofield as always is killing it with his evaluation of draft quarterbacks, I've started uploading videos of safeties (starting with Duke's Jeremy Cash), and new contributor Matt Caraccio has just uploaded his first in a series of looks at WR. Most of the...
  9. Super Nomario

    Draft Quarterbacks

    It's a little early for draft season, but that's why Mark Schofield's "On Two" series is perfect - he just gives you a taste with two plays from the top QB prospects that tell you what you need to know.   Jacoby...
  10. Super Nomario

    Those Big QB Contracts

    Based in part on some conversations here about the Rivers and Wilson and the potential Eli deal, I started working on a piece for ITP about what the alternative is to signing a QB to big money. That led me down the rabbit hole of modern QB...
  11. Super Nomario

    Logan Ryan

    I wrote about Logan Ryan and the many roles he played in 2014 for ITP:     Where do you he'll play? Starting outside? Arrington's replacement in the slot? Outside in base...
  12. Super Nomario

    Wells Investigation and the Independence Thereof

    Reading through the DeflateGate comments, I'm curious as to how folks see the Wells investigation and report. How independent was it? If it was slanted, why was it slanted? Some options as to how and why the report and investigation went down the way it did are listed below. There's some overlap...
  13. Super Nomario

    Draft Needs: A Look to 2016

    The Patriots got very little out of their top two picks last year (Easley and Garoppolo) and guys like Fleming, White, and Moore made only modest contributions - and this isn't at all unusual. The draft is frequently about the year after. With that in mind, here's who is under contract for 2016...
  14. Super Nomario

    Game Managers vs Gunslingers

    Interesting post over at FootballPerspective about whether analysts tend to overvalue interceptions:   Some gems from it:   538 has done a few pieces on the subject:
  15. Super Nomario

    Covering Tight Ends

    Per FootballOutsiders, the Pats are 30th in DVOA against opposing TEs. I look at how they've been defending them and why they haven't succeeded for SoSHCentral:   Browner kinda...
  16. Super Nomario

    Secondary Revis(ted): Bedard Says Pats Can't Coach

    I took a look at how the Pats defended #1 receivers A.J. Green, Demaryius Thomas, and Calvin Johnson for FC:   Questions I try to answer: Can Revis cover #1s? Is having long arms good for a corner? How do...
  17. Super Nomario

    Jonas Gray - Kickstarting for an Atomic Alarm Clock

    This is the requisite thread for any unheralded player after a breakout game, but in this case the question is significant since Ridley, Vereen, and Bolden are all free agents at the end of the year. Is Gray good enough to play the Ridley role next year? Do the Patriots still need to add a RB in...
  18. Super Nomario

    The Prodigal Chung Returns

    New FC column out about Chung's return and the role he's played this year, and last Sunday's game in particular:     Chung's coverage on Tamme was a big play:
  19. Super Nomario

    Pass Rush and Coverage

    I broke down two key plays in the Patriots win over Denver Sunday:   The Ninkovich interception and how a middle blitz contributed to Manning's poor decision The Ayers sack on 4th-and-6 and how dropping eight...
  20. Super Nomario

    Greg Schiano

    Terrific long piece in MMQB today about Greg Schiano's year off from (big-time) football and what he's doing to fix the flaws he showed at Rutgers and Tampa Bay. It's great reminder of how small a part of the job pure X's and O's stuff is: