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  1. DanoooME

    Caesar's Sportsbook: 2020 Pats Over/Under 8.5 Wins

    Interesting take on the 2020 season for the Pats. Here's the money quote from the guy in charge: I'm not a Pats fan, but I just don't see the bolded. There's still a lot of talent on the roster, and Belichick's still there. Maybe he's saying it to encourage some betting?
  2. DanoooME

    Another Surgery for Pedey

    From this note on MLBTR: "Joint preservation" doesn't sound like something that entails returning to the field. Quite a sad situation for him (and us).
  3. DanoooME

    Phillies' 2018 Collapse Partially Blamed on Phortnite

    Interesting article that's eerily similar to the chicken and beer clubhouse situation for the Red Sox.
  4. DanoooME

    Brandon Browner says "LeSean, hold my beer"

    Two of these in consecutive days? This one sounds worse, believe it or not. And evidently she had a restraining order against him. This mentions the restraining order.
  5. DanoooME

    BbtL Discussion Redux

    So we're more than halfway through the off-season, so are the topics previously discussed in this locked thread now allowed to be discussed finally? If not now, then when?
  6. DanoooME

    May 2018 MLB Game Thread

    Might as well beat the rush while I am thinking of it.
  7. DanoooME

    2018 Seahawks: R.I.P. Paul Allen

    Housecleaning continues Both coordinators, and a few assistants out Michael Bennett traded to Philadelphia with a 7th rounder for a 5th and WR Marcus Johnson Richard Sherman released due to two Achilles surgeries and a high salary; subsequently signs for big money in SF. Jeremy Lane released...
  8. DanoooME

    Yesterday was Truck Day!

    I just saw the pics come across on my Facebook feed from the Red Sox account. If you want to see, you can look it up. I guess everyone was too depressed about the Super Bowl to attend this year. We usually have a thread about it, so I guess this will have to do this year.
  9. DanoooME

    World Series Game 6: Which Bullpen Blows It Tonight?

    Probably both, but we'll see if we can get an epic Game 7 or not anyway.
  10. DanoooME

    Week 8 Game Thread

    We'll start the week with mediocrity: Dolphins at Ravens.
  11. DanoooME

    Week 5 Game Thread

    Nothing like waiting until the last minute...
  12. DanoooME

    Fighting and Ejections

    According to this article, evidently there's a new emphasis on fighting and getting control of it. It doesn't even necessarily involve throwing a punch, as Jeremy Lane of the Seahawks found out in the first quarter of yesterday's game. Normally it takes two personal fouls of a certain nature...
  13. DanoooME

    August 2017 MLB Game Thread

    Turning the page of the calendar yet again...
  14. DanoooME

    July 2017 MLB Game Thread

    Calendar changes, so does the thread...
  15. DanoooME

    June 2017 MLB Game Thread

    Moving on to June, watching CC dominate the Jays. 9-1 in the 7th, they just Yanked him after he gave up a HR to Kendrys Morales
  16. DanoooME

    May 2017 MLB Game Thread

    It's time... because it's time.
  17. DanoooME

    2017 Seahawks: Wilson the Magician

    With Free Agency about to begin, I guess it's time to get started. I personally don't expect much activity by the Hawks because they don't have a lot of cap flexibility, but they also don't have a lot of needs going into 2017. SLB, CB, OL, general depth seem to be the priorities. DeShawn...
  18. DanoooME

    Week 17 Game Thread - Who's Gonna Be in and Out?

    Let's finish this thing and move on to the playoffs!
  19. DanoooME

    The 2017 Rotation

    So after a flurry of activity, we probably need a focused thread on the rotation, so here's where it stands: Locks Sale Porcello Price Battling for 2 Slots Buchholz Pomeranz EdRo Wright Issues for Discussion Who are the favorites for those last two slots and why? If it's Pom and EdRo, is...
  20. DanoooME

    The Rest of Week 12 Game Thread

    Have at it, folks!