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  1. candylandriots

    Week 14 - Capital Kick-Off

    For those who have ESPN+, this weekend starts in Berlin as Union hosts Gio Reyna and Dortmund. Dortmund is starting a 16-year old CF. And here’s Nina Hagen for Union. Edit: Apparently Moukoko (filling in for Haaland) is the youngest player in the Bundesliga (history maybe?)
  2. candylandriots

    Week 10 - Infects With Zaha

    Trying to come up with something that sounds like “Breakfast With Gaza” to commemorate Wilf’s (hopefully) second and final Covid absence. Palace vs. Magpies at Selhurst on Friday to start the week.
  3. candylandriots

    Week 7 Gamethread

    Kicking off tonight (4pm Eastern) with Wolves vs. Palace.
  4. candylandriots

    Problem with Apple Music/Catalina

    I just got a new computer to replace our dinosaur iMac. That computer was running iTunes and High Sierra. I'm hating the new experience so far. The new computer uses Apple Music (replacing iTunes) and the Catalina OS. My wife and I, let's just say, don't have the same taste in music. I want to...
  5. candylandriots

    Head Injuries In Sliding Sports

    After the suicide of American bobsled legend Steve Holcomb a few years ago and more recently the suicide of Pavle Jovanovic just a couple of weeks ago, the New York Times did an investigation into the potential brain injuries that athletes suffer from bobsled and skeleton. Some of you know that...
  6. candylandriots Showing Pedro's 17K game in 1999

    I miss Pedro. I was going to name my dog Pedro, but we got a female. I still wanted to name her Pedro, but could not convince the wife. I still think of her as Pedro in my head though.
  7. candylandriots

    Help buying a computer (Windows)

    I'm going to cross post this from one of the Coronavirus forums, where I initially posted it. I mentor/help an Afghani girl from Iran here in Berlin. We usually meet up once a week to chat, help with school, stuff like that. We're doing it on the phone now. She's also doing her schoolwork on...
  8. candylandriots

    Russia banned from Olympics and World Cup

    Well then... They do get to compete in the Euro Championships next year, as St. Petersburg is hosting games. Seems weird to give them an exemption because of that.
  9. candylandriots

    Crystal Palace 2019-20, spinning their wheels

    If I'm remembering right, this is Palace's 7th consecutive season in the top flight, the longest run in their history. Despite relegation battles at one point or another in pretty much all of those seasons, they have always found a way to get it done. That said, for the first time I can...
  10. candylandriots

    March 9 Weekend - PALACE and Brighton to start...

    Here we go! Let's give the Seagulls something to worry about. Is it just me and @dirtynine awake for this? Also, I asked this last week, but as an American, should I feel as ridiculous as I do saying dArby instead of dErby? And already a yellow card 10 seconds for a nasty tackle on Luka and...
  11. candylandriots

    Mac Won't Recognize Audio CDs

    I bought a couple of CDs recently. I tried to rip them with my old iMac (circa 2010). I'm running Sierra version 10.12.6. The computer would not recognize either one, and thought they were blank discs. In finder, they show as Untitled, with the black and yellow circle. They are commercial...
  12. candylandriots

    Midweek games - December 4-5

    Fixture congestion begins in earnest tonight / this afternoon, including the Brighton - Crystal Palace derby at the Amex in Brighton.
  13. candylandriots

    December 1-2 Gamethread

    Good start in the jkempa house, as Union Berlin defeated Darmstadt 3-1 on what I thought was a hat trick by Sebastian Andersson, but they apparently called one an own goal. I didn’t see it that way, but whatever. Still undefeated and pushing for promotion (knocking wood). Now Palace and Burnley...
  14. candylandriots

    Breakfast with Zaha: 2018-19 Crystal Palace

    I also considered, "For fuck's sake, please don't give me another heart attack this year for the love of all that's holy and good." Starting this one a little late this year, but in a good mood after a win against Fulham to start the season (and a perfect pre-season campaign), a new 5 year deal...
  15. candylandriots

    RIP Dwight Clark

    Dwight Clark dead at 61. Thanks for my first happy sports memory (that I still remember anyway).
  16. candylandriots

    May 4 - 9 Gameweek

    Afyet yesterday’s upset by Brighton over MU, assuring the Seagulls’ safety, Saturday starts with Stoke fighting for survival against Palace. A draw keeps them mathematically alive, but a win by Palace puts the nail in Stoke’s coffin. Edit: is it weird that only Stoke are walking out with kids...
  17. candylandriots

    March 31 Gamethread

    I’ll get the jkempa vs. 50% of the board fixture week going because I’m 8 hours ahead of most of you and excited to watch a live PL game (complete with actual beer) for the first time in a few weeks. Well I guess I watched the Chelsea game, but I really don’t remember that for, well, reasons...
  18. candylandriots

    March 17 GW

    Very abbreviated but so, so, so nice to have Wilf and Sakho and Cabaye back. 1-0 good guys after a goal off a rebound from Tomkins. Critical match for Palace And Charlie Adam sent off on a questionable call for the Stoke/Everton game in snowy Stoke.
  19. candylandriots

    VPN trouble? Or something else?

    I am trying to watch the Olympics from overseas. I have a VPN set up on my Mac (Express VPN) and using a friend's Fios account to watch. I had no problem watching a soccer game the other day using NBC Sports Gold (subscription service), but when I log into the NBC Olympics website with my...
  20. candylandriots

    NBC Sports Gold Question

    Tomorrow is the big Brighton - Crystal Palace match. This will be the first time they have met in the Premier League, and the first time I will see them play each other. The problem is that I have to work. The game is on the NBC Sports Gold app, which I have. I expect to be home tomorrow around...