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    2020 Rotation

    Here's the problem with the opener thing: 1) You still need some number of pitchers to pitch the other 8 innings that day, which just turns into a bullpen cascade if you don't have a few arms that can consistently give you 4-6 innings. 2) We're going to have to do that anyhow when Eovaldi and...
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    Red Sox Hire Chaim Bloom As Chief Baseball Officer

    This article seems potentially relevant to the Mookie Betts situation. Also, it's stunning that he wrote it as a junior in college. Dude is smart.
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    Red Sox Offseason News and Notes

    I don't know how good Curt is at just sticking to baseball - maybe he's all business on the field - but if I were a non-white Red Sox pitcher I'd have a hard time developing a strong bond with him after some of the things he's said.
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    Report: Red Sox and X close on contract extension

    I feel like there are three potential outcomes here: 1) Mookie has an MVP 2019 and the Sox pay him like an MVP. 2) Mookie has a mediocre 2019 and agrees to take a lesser contract than he would have after 2018. 3) Mookie has a mediocre 2019 and refuses to take any sort of discount. Demands that...
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    Report: Red Sox and X close on contract extension

    Mookie Betts is the face of the franchise. Ownership knows this. The Red Sox have the top payroll in the game and have shown a willingness to not be cheap. Mookie also clearly knows his value, and he knows that he's in the running for Best Player in Baseball. No matter what FA nonsense is...
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    Do we now have two "win the last game or bust" teams?

    If they lose, it will depend on how they lose. A bunch of injuries? It happens. That's just luck. Ditto if the Yankees go crazy, win 120 games, and the Sox have a bad performance in the wild card game or whatever - again, that's just part of it. But if the Sox lose, say, because their bullpen...
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    What to do with Drew?

    What about a phantom DL stint combined with a Beeks call-up? They're pitching on the same day and Beeks might be lightning in a bottle.
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    The offseason heading into 2018

    This might be a stupid question, but I don't really get why the Sox always seem to end up a good utility player and a good bullpen arm short at the trade deadline and then have to give up a decent prospect in order to acquire a Nunez or a Reed. Why not just grab somebody like that now, when the...
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    2017 Jimmy G: The Dilemma

    Here's where I'm at: Let's assign the Pats a grade from 1 to 100, where 1 means you're probably going to lose every game, 50 means you're average, 100 means you're going to be a heavy favorite to win the Super Bowl. With a healthy Brady, I'll give the 2017 Pats a 90. Your number can be a bit...
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    Race and the Red Sox

    One of the reasons why Boston gets singled out (beyond a shameful history of racism, both in general and specific to the Sox) is that it's one of the few places where fans actually seem to CARE during a regular season game. Go watch a summer afternoon game at, say, Dodger Stadium and people will...
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    Pats trade for Kony Ealy

    Bennett --> Allen Ryan --> Gillmore Long --> Ealy Kept: Harmon, Branch, Develin Major players that either need to be re-signed or replaced: Hightower, Blount, Sheard. As long as they can get Hightower done, make a few small tweak and the team is in real good shape heading into the draft.
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    Red Sox acquire Drew Pomeranz for Anderson Espinoza

    I mean, the rest of the deal isn't known yet, but if DD was going to give up an elite prospect for a SP, I'm glad he kept the three hitters and I'm glad he didn't go after an ancient pitcher like Rich Hill. I just worry about a guy whose value before the season was equal to Yonder Alonzo.
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    Red Sox acquire Drew Pomeranz for Anderson Espinoza

    Any time you can give up the closest thing to a can't-miss pitching prospect the team has had in a decade for a guy who has an injury history, a crazy high walk rate, a really low BABIP, and will be gassed by October...I guess you have to do it? Sigh...
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    The Game Goat Thread: Wk 13 vs Eagles

    The Eagles defense isn't the best, but they played well. Pats still put up almost 30 points without their three top weapons. The Patriots defense played well, too - except for some big early runs, Bradford got very little going in the passing game. But a blocked punt returned all the way, a...
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    2016 Starting Rotation/Bullpen Spillover

    If the Red Sox go into 2016 counting on Joe Kelly to be anything in the rotation I will not understand. Miley would have to be moved for a very, very good piece.
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    Red Sox sign David Price

    Seeing one source saying Dodgers might be offering Greinke 6/210. That makes the Price deal look like a steal, right?
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    Trade Rumors

    Sure, but I'm not sure Hanley needs to go first. If Freeman is available now, and the price is right, you worry about him later.
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    Trade Rumors

    I mean, I'm of the belief that the Hanley at first base plan is a smoke screen. Are we really going into next season hoping that an older player who was a butcher in the field last year is capable of manning an infield position he's never played before with a little off-season conditioning and a...
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    Trade Rumors

    Rumor is, the Braves are looking to move Freeman and Teheran as the next part of their major rebuild. Both of those guys would look awful good in Sox uniforms...
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    Red Sox announce Dave Dombrowski is their new president of baseball operations.

    Just curious: why is everyone so scared of Frank Wren? The Upton/Uggla deals were bad, but they weren't really panned at the time. Can't you say the same thing about the Hanley/Sandoval deals that Cherington made?   Other than that, Wren cobbled together some pretty decent pitching (bullpen and...