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  1. Monbo Jumbo

    Auction Item: Boston Garden Bruins Program, 1932, near mint

    This 64 page program was the Bruins program used for the 1931-1932 season. It contains an insert for the March 15, 1932 game against the Maple Leafs. The program also served for the Boston Cubs that played in the Canadian-American league. The program is quite a historical document for anyone...
  2. Monbo Jumbo

    AUCTION ITEM: 1967 World Series Program

    One owner. In excellent if not near-mint condition. (Personal opinion of the owner, not an expert grading.) Front and back cover plus representative pages shown below. Starting bid $200. Auction ends March 1. (You can get one cheaper on eBay, but we're trying to do some good here.)
  3. Monbo Jumbo

    NFL, NFLPA moving toward deal to strip Goodell of discipline authority

    I'm not starting a new thread, This isn't my neighborhood. But perhaps it's worthy. NFL, Union Closer to Deal Stripping Roger Goodell of Discipline Power Wall St Journal - may require sub
  4. Monbo Jumbo

    Desktop Upgrade - Displays

    My desktop PC, a self-build, is going on 7 years old. It works fine - it's an i7 chip - Win10 on an SSD. But I think I'm ready to upgrade the displays. I have two 23" Samsungs running at 1920x1080 side-by side on my desk. The video card has DVI outputs. Id' like to upgrade to...
  5. Monbo Jumbo

    The Steven Wright Thread

    It's time for Steven Wright to have a thread that's not in the Prospect Forum.       Here's a vine of a sick knuckleball.      Last two outings.  2-0.     15 IP, 10 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 4 BB, 17 SO, 2 HR, 0.93 WHIP, 1.80 ERA.     and a question for the PitchFX geeks.  Wright says he throws a Knuckle, a...
  6. Monbo Jumbo

    Gmail bug?

    Gmail seems to be screwing up.   For years I'd occasionally get a piece of email intended for someone else. It was clear their address was close to mine, and sometimes people missed whatever character they were supposed to enter. But I never knew what their address was supposed to be.   Starting...