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  1. hellborn

    Commentator evaluation: Joe Buck

    Some people look cool with a beard, but whenever Joe Buck tries it he looks between jobs, or like he’s been cast in a movie where his character is coming off a three day bender. I kind of like this about him, so I’ll rate him higher than I would otherwise. 3.
  2. hellborn

    2019 NFL Playoff Game Thread - Divisional Round

    He’s like Wilford Brimley in the “diabeetus” commercial.
  3. hellborn

    Better anthem choices than James Taylor

    Jimi Hendrix
  4. hellborn

    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    Got to hand it to them. By that logic all of the Sox wins are fake, as every other team in baseball sucks worse than they do. They’ve negated the entire season.
  5. hellborn

    The Case Against Moving Hanley

    Pre-shoulder injury Hanley had an OPS of .949 with 10 home runs and was on a pace for 40+. He has zero home runs in his last 109 at bats. He's been a very good (.849 OPS) hitter his entire career. I think it's safe to say there's a causal relationship here. I agree that he was never DL'd is...
  6. hellborn

    Dan Shaughnessy: Taking a dump in your mouth one column at a time

    I clicked on the Globe's "Red Sox Notebook" to read about Porcello's performance in today's game. The first paragraph was a snarky commentary on how Porcello is 'all the Red Sox have to show for Jon Lester.' Annoyed, I checked the byline to find that today's notebook was penned by the CHB. I had...
  7. hellborn

    What went wrong?

    It's easier to compile a list of what went right...   - Brock Holt
  8. hellborn

    Poll: Which Red Sox "kids" are The Untouchables?

    I picked Owens, JBJ and Bogaerts, but I would sign Lester and not make the trade for Hamels.
  9. hellborn

    the Red Sox Mount Rushmore

    I picked Ted, Yaz, Pedro and Papi quicker than I typed this.
  10. hellborn

    Protecting the Shields -- The Nick Cafardo Thread

        Things enjoyed by Cafardo:   1. The human element of umpires screwing up calls. 2. Scott Boras 3. The excitement of players dying in home plate collisions. 4. Bobby V 5. Calling out injured players for not playing.   Things not enjoyed:   1. The game of baseball.
  11. hellborn

    Protecting the Shields -- The Nick Cafardo Thread

    That would depend on how hard Beltre hits him.
  12. hellborn

    Protecting the Shields -- The Nick Cafardo Thread

    "Better president--Abraham Lincoln who won the Civil War and ended slavery, albeit with a great top-hat, or William Henry Harrison, who caught a chill during his inauguration and died."