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    NCAA Tournament Sunday Game Thread

    Announcing Teams Charlotte--Jim Nantz, Bill Raftery, Grant Hill, Tracey Wolfson Omaha--Marv Albert, Chris Webber, Len Elmore, Craig Sager Seattle--Spero Dedes, Mike Gminski, Jamie Maggio Columbus--Ian Eagle, Doug Gottlieb, Evan Washburn   12:10 pm - #2 Virginia vs #7 Michigan St - Charlotte NC...
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    NCAA Tournament Saturday Game Thread

    Announcing Teams Pittsburgh--Brian Anderson, Steve Smith, Dana Jacobson Louisville--Verne Lundqvist, Jim Spanarkal, Allie LaForce Jacksonville--Andrew Catalon, Steve Lappas, Jamie Erdahl Portland--Kevin Harlan, Reggie Miller, Dan Bonner, Rachael Nichols   12:10 pm - Midwest - #11 UCLA vs #14 UAB...
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    New broadcasters for Salem & PawSox

    With Jeff Levering movin' on up from Pawtucket to become the Brewers' play-by-play man -- and Evan Lepler announcing this week that he's leaving Salem after six seasons to join ESPN for its USA Ultimate (Frisbee) and AUDL coverage -- some new voices will be in the Red Sox booths for both...
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    2015 NIT, CIT & CBI

    NIT Bracket    
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    Chicago Little League team stripped of all 2014 LLWS wins

    So that heart-tugging story last summer about the underprivileged inner-city African-American kids who somehow came together to shock the nation on their run to the Little League World Series final? The uplifting journey that was destined to reverse the eroding interest and participation in...
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    February College Hoops Thread

    January ended 11 days ago, people.   We begin with this nugget of awesomeness (if you can't see the twitter graphic or embedded photo, click on "link to tweet"):
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    Google Apps for Work vs Google Docs/Drive

    We've been using Google Docs in a publishing venture, but the frequent connection issues that occur (seemingly at the worst possible time) have reached a tipping point, especially as we look to scale up. So we're searching for other options, even it means paying for something that is now a free...
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    R.I.P. Don Bryant

    Bryant, who passed last week at age 73, served as bullpen coach for the Sox from 1974-76, helping oversee the staff that reached the '75 World Series. He earned extended cups of coffee as a catcher with the Cubs ('66) and Astros ('69 & '70), and caught the late Don Wilson's no-hitter vs the Reds...
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    R.I.P Ernie Banks

    Dead at 83. One of the true gentlemen of the game.   Chicago Tribune
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    SoSH Football Central Covers Super Bowl XLIX

    Lots of stuff to come over the next two weeks from our bleary-eyed but gleeful correspondents. Tonight, Mark Schofield squeegeed the champagne spray off his monitor screen to take a quick look at Earl Thomas, who we've covered before and who will likely be the guardian at the gate on those Gronk...
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    2015 Front Office & Personnel Changes

    Lots of interesting hires & promotions.     On the scouting side, two really interesting hires. Bannister is a sabermetrics guy, while Gold has scouted for BPro and had a prominent role with the nation's leading independent scouting service.     Other scouting additions:     Plus GCL Sox...
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    Windows Update - WTF?

    After all the issues this summer with these things (and problems with subsequent updates as recently as 2 weeks ago), something different is happening.   I have Windows Update set to notify me when updates are available, and to allow me to decide whether to download and install them. A few...
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    Angels prospect Ryan Bolden shot to death

    Yet another tragedy for the Anaheim franchise.      
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    Week 15 College Football Game Thread

    Friday, December 12                 07:00 PM - FCS Quarterfinals - #8 Chattanooga (10-3) at #1 New Hampshire (11-1) - ESPN2 / WatchESPN                  Saturday, December 13                 12:00 PM - Div III Semifinals – East #1 Wesley (DE) (12-1) at Midwest #2 Mount Union (OH) (13-0) - espn3...
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    Adobe AIR - Do I need it?

    Just got this pop-up on my new Lenovo x140e:     I'm trying to cut back on useless memory-resident crap, but I have no idea how essential/beneficial this is or how much of a hog it might be. I've never gotten any notices about this on my previous computers.   Yea or Nay?   EDIT - Running Win 7...
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    Week 14 College Football Game Thread

    Friday, December 5                 07:00 PM - MAC Championship - Northern Illinois vs Bowling Green (at Detroit MI) - ESPN2 / WatchESPN 09:00 PM - Pac-12 Championship – Oregon vs Arizona (at Santa Clara CA) - FOX / FOX Sports GO                  Saturday, December 6                 12:00 PM -...
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    Lenovo Notebook problem - Mouse cursor jumps to top-right corner

    After a few solid and mostly satisfied years with my Lenovo x120e, I jumped at the chance to snag an x140e for $300 a couple of weeks ago.   They redesigned the Synaptics TouchPad for this and other models, and I'm not the only one who's bitched about it, as several YouTube videos will attest...
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    R.I.P. Dick Bresciani

    Sad day. A legion of sportswriters, producers, researchers, historians and filmmakers will have nothing but glowing things to recall about this guy.   Globe      
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    Week 14 College Football Game Thread

    Games of note in blue. FCS playoff first-round games in red (9 thru 24 seeds).   Thursday, November 27                 07:30 PM     -     LSU at Texas A&M      -     ESPN / WatchESPN / espn3 07:30 PM     -     TCU at Texas      -     FS1 / FOX Sports GO                  Friday, November 28      ...
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    Lessons in a Football Life

    Because he's too humble to start a thread on it, here's a great essay on football and its influence on a boy and his growth through manhood by SoSH FC's Mark Schofield. I've had the honor and pleasure of editing a lot of great stuff since we launched the site a few months ago, but this one was a...