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  1. Hoya81

    Washington Football Team Name Change FedEx has indicated they have previously requested to Snyder to change the name of the team. It's not clear from the article whether this was done recently, but potentially a breaking point for Snyder...
  2. Hoya81

    Kraft One-Ups Brady’s Departure

    Multiple Reports on Twitter that Kraft is being charged with soliciting.
  3. Hoya81

    Vince Wilfork Retires

    Announces via twitter with a funny Kingsford ad.
  4. Hoya81

    Former NEP Stork Retires from Football

    Bryan Stork announces retirement. Tough break for him.
  5. Hoya81

    TB12, Guerrero and going around the Salary Cap The Lead Sports article, along with a mention in the...
  6. Hoya81

    NFL Uploading Classic Games to YouTube

    Apologies if there is a more appropriate thread but the NFL has been uploading high quality versions of classic games, without commercials, to YouTube that were picked as part of a fan vote during the summer. The finalists for the Pats were SB 36, SB 49 and the Snow Bowl vs the Raiders. The SBs...
  7. Hoya81

    Titans fire Whisenhunt

    The @Titans have relieved Ken Whisenhunt of his head coaching duties. STORY: — Jim Wyatt (@jwyattsports) November 3, 2015
  8. Hoya81

    Get a Fall Guy: Carter, Klemko & The Rookie Symposium

    Robert Klemko from MMQB covered the NFC rookie symposium last year, but failed to record Carter's comments in his article. He says today he agreed to keep the quote out to placate the NFL.
  9. Hoya81

    Volin, Owners, Sources, and Other Stuff. Maybe. Volin: "One problem with the entire saga is the nagging thought that Wells and the NFL are holding back information. Yes, Wells...
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    NFL Ends Tax-Exempt Status "The National Football League’s central office will become a taxable entity, ending its tax-exempt status in a move with minimal financial effect and significant symbolic value...
  11. Hoya81

    Chris Borland retires over concussion concerns Chris Borland to retire over concerns about long term brain injury.