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  1. Hoya81

    Schilling says he's leaving Boston to be with 'people that are nice'

    My wife is a diehard Phillies fan wasn't mad that he left for greener pastures, but hated him for all his nonsense in the dugout during the '93 Series when Mitch Williams was struggling.
  2. Hoya81

    New NFL TV Deal

    If Sunday Ticket is moving to ESPN+, that's a huge game changer. IIRC, you could only get the streaming only option for Sunday Ticket on DirectTV if you couldn't get satellite service at home.
  3. Hoya81

    XFL Suspending Operations & All Employees Laid Off

    View: XFL is teasing some sort of merger/collaboration with the Canadian Football League.
  4. Hoya81

    NFL QB Carousel

    View: WFT expected to release Alex Smith.
  5. Hoya81

    The Ringer

    With this week's wrapup of the Marvel season, Concepcion is done with the Ringer and Binge Mode, although it's possible that the pod might continue. I believe that the original plan was to rotate hosts in after the inital GOT run but Rubin and Concepcion were such a success that they stuck as...
  6. Hoya81

    New England Patriots Hall of Fame

    I can see James White getting serious consideration as part of the second group. Great playoff performances (holds the record for most receptions in a playoff game) and steady contributions on in the air and on the ground. Strong argument that he should have been the LI MVP.
  7. Hoya81

    Predicting the Future: How Many SBs Does Mahomes Win?

    I'd say 1 more. The AFC is shaping up to be the much more competitive conference for the next few years, with a good crop of young QBs (Watson, Jackson, Allen, Mayfield, Herbert, Burrow) and a fair amount of effective veterans (Ben, Tannehill, Carr). Combine that with the cap jail that KC is...
  8. Hoya81

    Philip Rivers: Hall of Famer?

    I also wouldn’t discount him getting some consideration for sticking with one of the more inept franchises for basically his whole career and how upset he was that the Chargers abandoned the SD fans.
  9. Hoya81

    Just how good is/was Drew Brees?

    The only knock I have on Brees is that he tended to turn the ball over at a high rate. It's masked a bit by the sheer number of passing attempts knocking down the interception %, but he threw 15 or more interceptions 9 times.
  10. Hoya81

    Philip Rivers: Hall of Famer?

    I think he'll get in eventually. He seems well liked by most of the NFL writers I follow and that certainly goes a long way.
  11. Hoya81

    Philip Rivers: Hall of Famer?

    View: Rivers retiring, per Schefter.
  12. Hoya81

    So can SoSH talk about Deflategate again?

    Ted Wells also interviewed Dean Pees and the Ravens ST coach for reasons that were never explained.
  13. Hoya81

    So can SoSH talk about Deflategate again?

    The whole thing should have been been shutdown once everyone realized that the refs weren't logging the PSIs pregame (which no one had ever asked for), basically making it impossible to determine how/why the balls were out of compliance. Without McNally's trip to the restroom, they might have...
  14. Hoya81

    NFL Coaching Carousel

    Ah, forgot about Johnson.
  15. Hoya81

    NFL Coaching Carousel

    Carroll and Bill Walsh are probably the most successful of the college->NFL coaches, but they had spent most of their careers as pro assistants. Is there a modern example of a college coach with little to no pro experience succeeding in the NFL?
  16. Hoya81

    Bill Simmons: Valuing Trades More Than Friendships

    I don’t think there is, the NYT article mentioned that O'Shaughnessy is creating a podcast for her new gig.
  17. Hoya81

    11/15 - Ratbirds fly into town (8:20 start time)

    Looks like Walnut Hills vs Ampipe out there.