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  1. moondog80

    2019 Patriots: Trade Targets

    Patriots are very interested in Josh Rosen.
  2. moondog80

    2018 Patriots Coaching Carousel

    Per Tanguay:
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    Little League vs AAU

    Curious to know if anyone thinks AAU is having a negative impact on Little League in their town. I feel it is out of control -- my son's league has games scheduled during the week and practices on the weekend, but practices are being cancelled because of AAU commitments for the coaches and the...
  4. moondog80

    The predictive value of FT%

    It seems like it should be impossible for a player that talented -- who does not otherwise have "big guy" skills -- to be that bad at free throws. Maybe a lot of freshmen simply never dedicated themselves to it and improve a great deal once they start to focus? Aaron Gordon shot 42% his one...
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    Keith Law's top 100

    He's done 100-21 so far: Red Sox 98: Sam Travis Former Red Sox 24: Manuel Margot 21: Anderson Espinosa As a system (including Benintendi) he ranks the Red Sox 16th, top heavy with three great prospects but little depth. Top 20 to comes out tomorrow, presumably Groome, Devers...
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    Stealing/agressive baserunning in Little League

    I was at a tournament of 7/8 year olds, and the prevailing strategy was that pretty much all of the catchers can't throw anyone out, so the kids are stealing, successfully, all the time, even when there's not a passed ball. It becomes a game of once you get to first, you're on third within a...
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    Keith Law's Updated Top 50 (you will like it)

    Benintendi 3 Moncada 5 Devers 7 Espinosa 14 Kopech 45 And he makes a point to mention that Groome is ineligible because he has not yet been signed.
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    NBA Offseason Thread 2016

    Hopefully the moves will get bigger than this, and more local, but Scott Skiles is stepping down as Orlando Magic coach.
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    Mako bats: are they even close to worth it?

    My 10 year old son, who is a pretty decent baseball player but nothing special, is convinced that he needs a $300 bat to succeed in Little League. I, on the other hand, think otherwise. Even if he will hit the ball a little bit further with one (and I'm not convinced of even that), I'm not...
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    Danny Amendola's neighbors suck

    They're complaining because he put up temporary carport to help him get to practice on time in the even of a snowstorm. Apparently he lives in College Hill, an historic district in Providence, which is kind of cool, except that is lends itself to haughty neighbors. Maybe he can sublet a room...
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    The "Too Soon to Judge The Kelly/Craig Trade?" Thread.

    Safe to say this deal has not worked out.  Worst Sox trade ever?  At least Larry Andersen pitched well for the 22 innings he was here, and Danny Cater's Sox OPS+ was more than triple Craig's.  Eric Gagne anyone?
  12. moondog80

    Britt McHenry gets nasty with tow company employee, gets suspended

    Maybe there's another side to this but wow, she comes off as just about the meanest, most obnoxious person alive.  One week suspension.