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    Spring Training Games

    Thank you. Missed that. And there’s a homer by Jeter!
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    Spring Training Games

    Anyone know why Joe and the other guy keep saying it’s 5-1, but ESPN and the MLB app say it’s 3-1?
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    Tottenham Hotspur 20/21: Do we suck?

    Agree with this. I'm sick of seeing Sissoko and Hojbjerg on the pitch together, especially against inferior teams. It felt like Spurs had no one to control midfield once they gained possession yesterday.
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    Gold Glove Finalists

    I know I didn’t pay as much attention this season as normal, but Joey Gallo being a Gold Glove finalist is news to me.
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    2020 Pats: Trade Rumors & Speculations

    I don't believe this for an instant, but I would imagine any deal would have to begin with Gilmore, no?
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    Red Sox Trade Deadline Thread

    The other thing that makes this deadline difficult is that you have very little to no idea how the kids are developing. Who do you ask for? And who are the Sox counting on, for example, to replace Vazquez? I would really hope, other than bullpen arms, the Sox take a pass and focus on next year.
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    Red Sox Schedule

    If my teens are any indication, very few young people watch games live anyway. It is entirely about highlights on IG and the other apps. The way to attract young fans is to make the game exciting, not show it a half hour earlier. I really hope they will have players miked up so the fans can get...
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    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    The problem with the whole "don't take 2B in the first round" is that people always take 2Bs in the first round. They are just called SS at he time of the draft, even though no one thinks they will stay there. Chavis is a recent example.
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    May NHL News

    I would guess one of the sites would be in Canada. I heard somewhere that Edmonton was a leader in the clubhouse. Which makes not a lot of sense but who knows.
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    May NHL News

    I'm not a big hockey guy, but this sounds like it could be huge for the NHL. If they can get this out before any of the other leagues, the ratings are gonna be bigger than anything the NHL has ever seen. Also, with NBC being the NHL broadcast network, and NBC needing to fill a shitload of hours...
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    The Last Dance

    Since I know we have a lot of Posnanski fans here, I share his latest column, including his self-described "rant" on the doc. A little surprised he's going so all-in against it without watching it, but whatever. He's always passionate...
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    The Last Dance

    Krause graded Pippen to the Rockets during the off-season for Roy Rogers and a second rounder who became the immortal Jake Voskuhl. Wow.
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    The Last Dance

    That makes sense. But leads to the question of why he took less shots after he was done playing with MJ. You would think he’d finally be trying to prove he was the man.
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    The Last Dance

    Apologize for the diversion, but can any of you who know the game better explain to me why Scottie’s numbers fell off a cliff the year after the Last Dance. He went to Houston (which I have no memory of) and then to Portland for the rest of his career but never averaged even 15 points/game...
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    The Last Dance

    I loved that they included the Pippen comments about Krause and giving him credit. But it was almost out of place after basically trashing him for 10 episodes. I think they owed it to him to pursue those comments a bit more, especially Pippen claiming he's the "greatest GM of all-time". I think...
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    The Last Dance

    I had no memory of Rodman heading off to wrestle in the middle of the Finals. Can you imagine if that happened now? It led to a good discussion with my boys about how everyone will tell you that the rules are the same for everybody, and that if you let down your team like that you should pay a...
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    Joe Posnanski's 60 Greatest Baseball Moments

    Yeah, that struck me as an excuse for Joe to right about Shoeless Joe, who probably fell short of the top 100. As with the Baseball 100, this is all about the stories.
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    Joe Posnanski's top 100 Baseball Players of All Time

    Agreed. I was initially shocked TW was behind Aaron. Pos usually appreciates peak more than longevity, but I think the difference in defense (and to be fair I don't know the D numbers for Hank) pushed Ted behind Aaron and Charleston. Still interested to see how he ranks what I assume the top 3...