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    Amazon link

    The Amazon link no longer it just me or?
  2. 75cent bleacher seat

    Laptops with a projector?

    Is it my imagination or did computers also come with projector capability at one time? I did a search on Amazon and found only one (a lenovo) for which 3 were left....
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    ZOOM? or Google Hangouts or ?

    I've been tasked to establish telephone/computer conferencing, I have zero experience with this. What I am looking for is something that is user(access) friendly....compatible with a computer and telephone simultaneously....allows for a max of 50 people to join in...meeting time of 40 minutes...
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    NASCAR not NASAR racing this Sunday... Although it wouldn't take much this might be better than the real thing....
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    Simone Biles gymnast

    I find her to be absolutely amazing...moves are named after her. She performs a triple something in this video....In a class all by herself. Imagine going up against her in competition. Wondering if she could translate this into diving or ice skating View:
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    Race horse deaths I had...
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    Scrolling issue

    Lenovo all-in-one. Windows 10, (wireless mouse) about 5 years old recently started to (primarily) scroll down automatically... It also fails to continuously display "drop downs" when I click on them. Sometimes it works if I use my finger touch screen display. Tried a system restore, checked...
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    Fitbit issues

    So....I have this Fitbit device I've owned for approximately 2 years which I wear only when exercising which is 4-5 times weekly for an hour. Worked great up until 2 months ago when an issue began with not holding a charge for more than a day. Then the heart rate monitor began to work...
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    SoSH Amazon link missing

    I no longer see the Amazon link here, disappeared from my bookmarks also...
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    Norm Devio -75yo. arm wrestling champ
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    Today's playing field vs. back when

    In today's' world the playing field is virtually a work of art. Finely kempt turf with elaborate patterns displaying distinctive demarcation lines between the grass and dirt. It hasn't always been this way. I'm certain everyone has seen films and/or images of the 50's and beyond. Question...
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    NASCAR at Pocono

    I have no idea who will win this picks are strictly from scout Fantasy with the exception of Kyle Busch. 1. Martin Truex 2. Kevin Harvick 3. Jimmie Johnson 4. Dale Jr. 5. Brad Keselowski Dark horse...Kyle Busch
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    NASCAR All-Star Race at Charlotte

    This race features two 50 lap segments and one final segment of 13 laps. This is gonna be good night for racing....
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    NASCAR at Dover - AAA 400 drive for autism

    Polling is limited to 10, if there's a driver not listed you want, post his name and who you suggest I drop. Is 3 enough choices or too many. Any suggestions on how to make this better?
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    Modem auto switches network

    Today my Arris modem reverted back to using its previous network address...I discovered this when the MLBtv app didnt recognize it..T/W states the modem is defective and switched back by itself... Is this possible? The turnip truck went by and I'm not certain if I was on it or not.
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    Devices for MLBtv 2016

    My Sony blu-ray player BDP S5100 is no longer compatible with MLBtv...ugh. My Nexus 7 is fully updated but wont go to today's date on the MLBatbat...grrr...this may be due to my single team sub. My Chromecast wont connect as T/W assigned my modem a new network number and despite recognizing it...
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    NASCAR 2016 & 2017, 2018 Tonight on Fox 8pm....I got Kyle...Busch that is.
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    How to hack an andriod phone   Can someone confirm this?   edit to add: If you've got an android, the time and interest...well...give it a try.
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    Stick ball with the "Pimple Ball"

    A long long time ago I played stick ball with what was known as a pimple ball....IIRC that harder you threw it the more it curved and dipped....kinda like a whiffle ball that didn't slow...anyone else?  
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    Adobe Flash - Firefox

     Firefox is identifying Adobe Flash as having security vulnerabilities..anyone else...? solution?