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  1. Rick Burlesons Yam Bag

    University of Minnesota thread

    my mind is kind of blown by what is going on at the University of Minnesota. I believe in due process, but I also believe that there are certain crimes - like sexual assault and abuse of women - that have been buried for so long that I am glad to see a school cracking down. I'm interested in...
  2. Rick Burlesons Yam Bag

    Is Jim Harbaugh coaching Michigan next season?

    I don't really care about your thoughts, but I will pretend that I do.
  3. Rick Burlesons Yam Bag

    tOSU-Michigan Game Thread

    So let's be honest. It's cute that all of you fans of other teams post in this forum, but there is only one game that matters in the college football calendar. The annual shit-kicking of Michigan by tOSU. Now, each team has their own thread, and while the Michigan thread is, as you would...
  4. Rick Burlesons Yam Bag

    BREAKING NEWS!! Bradford getting married today

    This is, by far, the most important QB-related news of the day. Please post your well wishes to this great hero of the gridiron here.
  5. Rick Burlesons Yam Bag

    Track - it's a real thing

    Sorry to be "that guy", but does anyone have any knowledge of middle distance/long distance running, particularly at the HS level? Puberty caused my son to lose about 40 lbs and he went from being a middle of the pack slogger in running to someone who seems to be quite capable. He decided to...
  6. Rick Burlesons Yam Bag

    tOSU - We are all out of body parts with which to slap Michigan in the face

    This thread is devoted to the greatest college football team in the land, the greatest fans in the land and of course, a pretty good band as well. Seriously though, how cute is it that Michigan think they might have a chance against us ever in the history of ever? On a scale of 1 to 10 I am...