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  1. cshea

    2021 Trade Deadline

    We've got some trade deadline strategy discussion in the game thread, so figured we could use a dedicated thread. The deadline is 2 weeks from today. According to Cap Friendly, the Bruins are projected to have roughly $3.5 million in cap space on that day. The injuries and Covid situation has...
  2. cshea

    3/13 Rangers @ Bruins

    Score goals. Win. Rask is out again so Halak will be in net. Marchand is also questionable. Senyshyn is done for a while. We'll see how the lineup shakes out tomorrow.
  3. cshea

    3/11 Rangers @ Bruins

    Score a few goals? Maybe win a game? Senyshyn is up and in the lineup. Jake is back in, playing LW. Bjork and Wagner are out. Rask is still unavailable so Halak is in net with Vladar backing up. Marchand - Bergeron - Pastrnak DeBrusk - Krejci - Ritchie Frederic - Coyle - Smith Kuraly -...
  4. cshea

    Goal Scoring Woes

    Using this post from the game thread as a jumping off point, as I think it's worth it's own discussion. The Bruins cannot score. I've laid the numbers out before, but they have a real struggle getting to 3 goals in regulation. They've played 23 games this season and only hit the 3 goals in...
  5. cshea

    2/13 @ Islanders

    Time to avenge the only regulation loss of the season. Moore going in for Clifton. Rask in net. No chances at forward. Marchand - Bergeron - Pastrnak Ritchie - Krejci - Smith DeBrusk Coyle - Bjork Frederic - Kuraly - Wagner Lauzon- McAvoy Moore - Carlo Zboril - Miller Rask
  6. cshea

    2/12 @ Rangers

    Keep piling up the points. Would like to see a more complete game than the one they played last night. A regulation win would be cool too. Grz is hurt again and doubtful to play tomorrow. Clifton goes back in. Front end of a back-to-back, not sure how they'll handle the goalies. Marchand -...
  7. cshea

    2/10 @ Rangers

    It feels like the Bruins haven't played in a month. Nevertheless, onward we go. Keep this thing rolling. Reinforcements are here. DeBrusk and Grzelyck are expected to play. Haven't seen anything regarding who is in net, but I'll guess His last start was last Monday in Washington so I think...
  8. cshea

    2/5 @ Flyers

    Let's finish off this road trip in style. Perhaps even play a game with a lead? Wouldn't expect much changes to the lineup. Maybe Kuhlman for Blidh , but that's about it. Cassidy already said Rask would be in net. Marchand - Bergeron - Pastrnak Ritchie - Krejci - Smith Frederic - Coyle -...
  9. cshea

    2/3 @ Flyers

    B's have picked up 11 of 12 points on this early season stretch against their top competition in the East. Let's keep it going, and maybe try to play from the lead? No new injuries. Should be the same lineup as last night with Rask in net. Marchand - Bergeron - Pastrnak Ritchie - Krejci -...
  10. cshea

    2/1 @ Capitals

    B's deserved better on Saturday. Grab the 2 points tonight. Didn't sound like any of the injured guys will be back for this game. In fact, Cassidy said all 4 (DeBrusk, Kase, Grzelyck, Studnicka) are with the team on the road. Same lineup it is, we'll see about the goalie. Marchand - Bergeron...
  11. cshea

    1/30 @ Capitals

    Good news: Braden Holtby is no longer with Washington Bad news: Zdeno Chara is. It's going to be very weird playing against the big fella. But let's keep this thing going. Not sure what the Caps situation will be like for this game. Ovechkin, Kuznetsov, Samsonov and Orlov all missed the last...
  12. cshea

    1/28- vs. Penguins

    Let's keep piling up the points. Plenty of room for improvement from Tuesday's game. DeBrusk will not play. Grzelyck will probably be a game time decision again. Rask will also get the night off too. Marchand - Bergeron - Smith Ritchie - Krejci - Coyle Frederic - Lindholm - Studnicka Bjork -...
  13. cshea

    1/26 vs. Pittsburgh

    Let's keep on rolling. the Penguins have given up a lot of goals this season, so let's take advantage. No Grzelyck at practice today. That would seen to indicate he's out tomorrow, but we'll see.Bergeron also didn't practice today but they had Lindholm skating in his place so that's likely a...
  14. cshea

    1/23- vs. Flyers

    We've got 5 out of 8 points on the season without the benefit of a ROW. Time to change that tomorrow. Shook off the goal scoring monkey on Thursday, now time to win one before a shootout. Expecting the same lineup, with a bottom 6 tweak. Frederic bumped up to the 3rd line. Grz is still a...
  15. cshea

    1/21- Home Opener vs. Flyers

    Score a goal? Or two? Or three? Looks like they dodge a bullet with Grzelyck. It sounds like he'll be able to play tonight. No other changes expected. Marchand - Bergeron - DeBrusk Ritchie - Krejci - Studnicka Bjork - Coyle - Smith Frederic - Kuraly - Wagner Lauzon - McAvoy Grzelyck - Carlo...
  16. cshea

    January NHL News

    Figured we should get this one going with the season starting in 2 days. A million players on waivers today. Some notables: Loui Eriksson and Sven Baertschi (VAN) Tyler Johnson and Luke Schenn (TB) Oliver Kylington (CAL) Matthie Perrault (WPG)
  17. cshea

    Patrice Bergeron named Captain

    This was obvious but Bergy is awesome and deserves his own thread. View:
  18. cshea

    2021 PGA Tour

    Tournament of Champions tees off tonight in Hawaii. Due to the COVID shut down, in addition to the tournament winners, they invited all players who qualified for the 2020 Tour Championship without a win. So it's a slightly larger field than normal.
  19. cshea

    Bruins 2021 Season Thread

    Camp opens on 1/3, games on 1/13. Neely talked today about the status of the team: - Very delicate handling of the Chara question. It's a matter of role and what Chara is comfortable with. Says they are have some kids they are excited about at LHD that they do want to see play. He didn't name...
  20. cshea

    RIP Travis Roy

    Unfortunately, it appears Travis Roy has passed away. View: I still remember his injury like it was yesterday. Despite his paralysis, he lived an amazing life. RIP.