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  1. Average Reds

    RIP Tom Dempsey

    Dead at 73 from complications of Covid-19. I can still remember exactly where I was the day I learned he kicked the NFL record field goal. I was driving into Philadelphia with my father to see the Flyers...
  2. Average Reds

    AUCTION ITEM: Golf at Salem Golf Club, North Salem, NY

    Apologies for the lateness of posting this, but for members who live around the CT/NY area (or who just want to drive for a round of golf) I'm going to offer up two rounds of golf at Salem Golf Club in North Salem. There are only two spots because becasue the winning bidder(s) will join me (as...
  3. Average Reds

    Joe Valachi comes forward

    Looks like the problem of domestic violence in the NFL was even worse than we might have suspected.  As was the league's response to the issue.     Now, no one should be surprised here.  Indeed, we've been saying for a while that the NFL's involvement in/punishment of off-field activities almost...