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  1. DJnVa

    April 3--Sox vs.O's

    Win the game. Tanner Houck on the bump, hoping to continue his run from late last season. And I kinda wanna see Franchy today. Also happy birthday to Hirokazu.
  2. DJnVa

    March 29 vs. NO

    Win. Again. (1) Boston Celtics on Twitter: "#NEBHInjuryReport for tomorrow vs. New Orleans: Evan Fournier (Health & Safety Protocols) - QUESTIONABLE Romeo Langford (Health & Safety Protocols) - OUT Semi Ojeleye (Left Side Strain) - OUT Tristan Thompson (Health & Safety Protocols) -...
  3. DJnVa

    March 27 at OKC

    Win again.
  4. DJnVa

    March 26 at Milwaukee

    Win or something. KORNET IN DA HOUSE! Boston Celtics on Twitter: "Danny Ainge says that both Luke Kornet and Moe Wagner may be joining the team in Milwaukee tonight, and Evan Fournier could potentially join the team in Oklahoma City tomorrow." / Twitter
  5. DJnVa

    NFL Moving to 17 Game Shedule in 2021

    Here we go...
  6. DJnVa

    12/28--Playing out the string on MNF vs Bills

    Who's gonna play QB? No idea. What I do know is that this will be the first Patriots game in 7309 days in which the team is eliminated from playoff contention at kickoff. 631,500,000 seconds. 10,500,000 minutes. 1044 weeks and 1 day. Does that suck? Yes, it does. But it's also fucking...
  7. DJnVa

    Nets @ Celtics: Preseason #2

    Will Kyrie play? Will Tatum hug him? Will Jaylen mean mug him? Tune in tonight!
  8. DJnVa

    Laptop freezing/lagging

    In last day or two, my laptop (just a store bought $300 one) suddenly freeze for a few seconds every once in a while. It's not specific to program--it happens in browsers and if I'm just on desktop. If I am typing when it happens, when it unfreezes, everything I had typed during the freeze...
  9. DJnVa

    Breakin' Two: Olympic Boogaloo

    I don't even know what to think. The squash folks are PISSED:
  10. DJnVa

    Potential UCL Changes
  11. DJnVa

    Celtics Training Camp--News and Notes

    Camp opens Tuesday. Story asks 4 questions: 1-How many of the young perimeter players will be ready? 2-How much can Kemba Walker handle? 3-Who will start at center? 4-What will Robert...
  12. DJnVa

    Wrexham takeover--Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney

    Need a 5th tier club to root for? Here we go: View: View:
  13. DJnVa

    Nook randomly shuts off

    Just the other day my Nook just randomly starting turning off. The charge would drop within about 10-15 minutes from 100% to like 85% and then it would shut off. If I turned it on, it came on, then shut back off. Then, when I reconnect to charger, it's IMMEDIATELY at 100% again. My Google-fu...
  14. DJnVa

    The Pre-Game Thread: Wk.8 at Buffalo

    So, this ain't good. Then again, he's not been very involved anyway. View:
  15. DJnVa

    Week 5--Broncos @ Patriots (maybe)

    I mean, who the hell knows? View: Hopefully, if this game is played, Cam is back, but if not the chatter is that Stidham is going to be the guy. Either way, more Harris, more Henry, get some TEs involved.
  16. DJnVa

    NBA 20/21 start pushed until at least Xmas

  17. DJnVa

    EPL Fantasy 20/21

    We're missing a lot of regulars--not sure if they haven't checked the thread. GET IN!
  18. DJnVa

    NBA 20/21 season thread

    Maybe a catch-all thread for the things that don't quite yet deserve their own thread. Buddy Hield on the way out? This article posits the Sixers (for Harris and Parker also coming east).
  19. DJnVa

    2020 Pats: The Training Camp

    Cam is here and excited. View:
  20. DJnVa

    Will MLB make it to postseason without stoppage?

    Discussion in other thread, just vote.