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  1. Fisks Of Fury

    The Red Sox will be wearing yellow and blue uniforms on Patriots' Day weekend

    I originally thought they were going with the colors of the "official" jackets, etc from 2013, as that year inspired a LOT of Boston Strong merch tied to that years marathon colors. But yeah, that color blue is still very wrong. Edit: Hmmm.. maybe they were going with the LAST marathon's...
  2. Fisks Of Fury

    Celebrating What Is

    Ryan Mallett. Now there's a name I've not heard in a long, long time.
  3. Fisks Of Fury

    Super Bowl LV: Game Thread – Kansas City Chiefs @ Tompa Bay Bucs

    Same here... followed immediately by me yelling "No flags, no flags!!!" at the screen like a lunatic.
  4. Fisks Of Fury

    Clicking a link to an existing thread shows as not logged in

    Yup, that seems to be the difference. The two links in the first post drive me to a login page, but this one works fine.
  5. Fisks Of Fury

    2020 Pats: You Cam Go Your Own Way

    Please let this be literal, and then PLEASE let him reach these incentives. Belichick as dressed by Cam would be amazing.
  6. Fisks Of Fury

    Modern Day "Magazine Subscription" issue

    Just walked through a purchase almost to the end, and as far as I can see, the site does NOT require the entry of the 3 digit code to use a previously stored credit card. So they didn't need to breach anything accept the account to place the order.
  7. Fisks Of Fury

    Modern Day "Magazine Subscription" issue

    I was probably unclear...the CC was assigned to her WalMart account, so the purchase was made and theoretically charged to the card. But we caught it, cancelled it through the page, and just to be safe called the CC company to notify them of the fraudulent charge. The charge never made...
  8. Fisks Of Fury

    Modern Day "Magazine Subscription" issue

    No guarantee that this applies in your situation, but I'd keep an eye out for "legitimate" emails while slogging through the rest. It's somewhat common practice that if you manage to an account on another site which might be tied to a specific email address, to spam the @#$% out of that email...
  9. Fisks Of Fury

    How many regular season games do the Patriots play this season?

    Further updates from a week or so ago; - There will officially be NO fans in the stadium for the first two home games of the season (Miami 9/13 and Vegas 9/27) - Still hoping that by working with the State they can host fans for games later in the season, but they're still allowing ticket...
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    Tech Bargain Thread: Post Your Deals Here!

    Did not work on the newer account I inadvertently created a couple years ago, but when I logged into the account I was using to buy and sell used books 15-20 years ago, I was able to buy-it-now an item priced at $25.03 for 3 cents. Sweet!
  11. Fisks Of Fury

    How many regular season games do the Patriots play this season?

    Got an official email to season ticket holders this morning. Highlights: - Formally announced no preseason games. We'll receive a refund or credit for those tickets. - Still hoping to open the season with some fans at reduced/20% capacity, pending state and local approval to operate. - If they...
  12. Fisks Of Fury

    How many regular season games do the Patriots play this season?

    Well, despite Baker's announcements last week, the Pats haven't given up on any options yet:
  13. Fisks Of Fury

    COVID-19 and Tech

    Ain't that the truth. I do a LOT of remote meetings/presentations as part of my job, and have used almost all conferencing software at one time or another. We tried Skype for about a month (a couple years ago) and noped our way out that quick. Still, sometimes customer require that we use THEIR...
  14. Fisks Of Fury

    COVID-19 and Tech

    Oh shit. This changes everything... I need to get a couple of Pats Superbowl highlights on a loop playing behind me for a couple meetings with some Jets-fan coworkers.
  15. Fisks Of Fury

    2020 TB12: The Decision 2020

    That guy almost killed my grandfather. I remember visiting him in the hospital after he had a "minor" heart attack, and he'd convinced the nurses to let him watch the Pats game on the TV in his room. In no time at all, he was growling "the guy hears footsteps..." as Eason throws one panicked...
  16. Fisks Of Fury

    Just in Case: Let’s Get Nostalgic About the Last 20 Years

    That's exactly what happened to us, we had just gathered our stuff up and started to walk up the stairs to the back of the end-zone, and when the announcer came on, we immediately stopped, and slid into the nearest row, sat down, and watched the rest from there. The end of that game was much...
  17. Fisks Of Fury

    Just in Case: Let’s Get Nostalgic About the Last 20 Years

    I'll preface this with the fact that I'm old, which will probably explain my picks. Season: 01-02. the first one is still the sweetest for me. Completely unexpected. My grandfather had died in 2000, after a lifetime of passionate rooting for all Boston teams, but getting the call minutes after...
  18. Fisks Of Fury

    iPhone 11

    My wife's new (2018) Honda Odyssey has a Qi charging spot right in the center console. No support for wireless CarPlay though.
  19. Fisks Of Fury

    Week 5 NFL Game Thread

    Doubt it, as they later showed the two of them hugging it out.