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  1. riboflav

    Can Someone Point Me to the Pols/Studies that Show Baseball is not Actually Dying?

    I'm in an argument with a friend who swears baseball is on its last legs (because of several years of declining attendance and youth interest and participation). I've seen posters here link to actual real polls or studies that show that is not the case. Unfortunately, after searching for the...
  2. riboflav

    Clark Booth is Dead

    I grew up in the 80s watching channel 5 and my parents revered Booth and so did I as a child. Yet, my sense is SoSH has considered him an old stick in the mud for lack of a better metaphor. Anyway, he is dead now. What is his legacy, so say you SoSH...
  3. riboflav

    ITP Equivalent for Hoops

    I know there was some discussion three or four years ago about launching an ITP site for basketball but I don't think it ever got off the ground. Anyway, it seems there's a handful of really knowledgable basketball aficionados here and I wanted to know if there's any interest in building a site...
  4. riboflav

    Directv - Adding a 2nd TV

    I have Directv and only have had one tv and Genie receiver. My parents were kind enough to give me a modest-sized HD tv when they recently moved into a smaller dwelling. So, today, I called Directv about adding this new tv to my account and was told it would cost me $99 upfront for the Genie...
  5. riboflav

    Bob Hohler runs ad on Brady's charity endeavors

    Bob Hohler article came out over night last night. It's enjoyed a good run on social media with several national journalists congratulating Hohler on his takedown of the Golden Boy's image. In sum, Hohler reports that while Brady raised over 46 million dollars for Best Buddies, BB turned around...
  6. riboflav

    Gmail Password Stolen, Like For Real?

    Today, I received an email from google that someone has my password (literally says that) and used it to try to login to my account. Google supposedly blocked their attempt as they said it came from an unknown device and the ip address showed NY (I live in VA). I find this hard to believe...
  7. riboflav

    Worst Coach Stories

    As I've said in other threads, I felt charitable earlier this spring and took on a developmental AAU 12-year old boys' basketball team. The team is required to play in our organization's summer league and because we're technically an AAU team, we have to play D-1 (healthy, right?). So, we...
  8. riboflav

    Worst Ref Stories

    So, I'm not one to pick on refs (in fact, I was one for several years). I've always loved Belichick's approach that you control what you can and just focus on that. Sometimes, you have to beat the opposing team and the refs. I've coached basketball a long time and haven't had a T since the...
  9. riboflav

    It's the Fans' Fault, Especially Patriots' Fans

    Bruce Allen linked to this article on his blog today. It has quite a few revealing quotes from Boston sports media on why the media culture in Boston sucks. The thesis seems to be the fans suck, especially Patriots' fans, and this turns into a cyclical effect whereby the fans suck, so the media...
  10. riboflav

    I'm Being Watched, I'm Being Watched, I'm Being Watched by the CIA, CIA

    Ok. So I'm an old-school privacy freak, (what we used to call being a red-blooded American) and hate that almost anything and everything is trackable and traceable these days. That said, I'm not really a tech guy at all. I just discovered today that even when I'm out at a Starbucks or library...
  11. riboflav

    2014 FCS Playoffs Thread

    The playoffs are on the horizon and I thought I'd start this thread now. UNH, which happens to be my alma mater, is ranked number 1 in all of FCS (number 2 in the coaches poll). I'd love to see them get home field all the way to the championship game in Texas. But, the Maine game on Saturday...
  12. riboflav

    The Bomb: Brady & Tyms Beautiful Connection

      I just gave my wife a fist bump. I have not been this psyched for a Patriots player debut in a loooooong time.
  13. riboflav

    Possible Rift Between Brady and the Patriots Coaches

    If true, it's probably just a matter of time before it's "thanks for the memories, #12."
  14. riboflav

    NBA Playoffs: Round One Game Thread

    Am I the only one watching?   KG already with his first T.