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  1. wibi

    2019 Seattle Seahawks: Only Three Left from the SB Win

    WIth the release of Angry Doug Baldwin and Kam "Bam Bam" Chancellor, the Seahawks are left with only three players from their Super Bowl win: Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner, and K.J. Wright. And then there was one
  2. wibi

    Elite Eight Saturday Game Thread

    Two great story lines today First is the battle of the Jesuits in Gonzaga (1) vs. Xavier (11) where both teams are looking for their first trip to the final four. Xavier vs. Gonzaga (-8.5) O/U: 145.5 Second is the battle between an extremely hot Kansas (1) and an Oregon (3) team would have...
  3. wibi

    Friday Sweet 16 Game Thread

    Lots of historical talent playing today as the 8 teams have a combined 66 final four appearances and 27 national championships between them 709P UNC(1) vs. Butler(4) 538 gives UNC a 68% chance of winning 729P Baylor(3) vs South Carolina(7) 538 gives Baylor a 56% chance of winning 939P...
  4. wibi

    Decrap/Clean Computer without putting on my network

    FIL has a computer that is running crazy slow and has the 10x "task bars" on IE ... I dont want to put the damn thing on my network since I have zero faith that he doesnt have a something that could infect my network (this is the only machine he has on his network whereas I have 5-7 machines on...
  5. wibi

    2016 Seattle Seahawks - HMD no more

    Now that the Superbowl is over I feel comfortable starting a new 2016 thread. The biggest news (IMHO) out of Superbowl X was the retirement of Marshawn "Beast Mode" Lynch and what that means for the future of the Seattle Seahawks. Lynch's retirement immediately saves Seattle $6.5M in cap...
  6. wibi

    New to Macbook Pro - Coming from a PC

    What programs can I not afford to miss? Free or paid doesnt matter but I'm curious what cant miss programs do people have that I just cant live without. I've found two so far that are pretty awesome. One is a game changer coming from Windows and the other is a really nice to have. The game...
  7. wibi


    I've been reading a lot about PleX lately and am wondering if it would fit my needs. We do a ton of media streaming both to tablets and the two TVs (one via a PS4 the other via Amazon FireTV stick) through HBONow, Netflix and HULU+ but I have a ton of old movies sitting on a network drive that...
  8. wibi

    Professional Ring Tones

    Im in need of some basic professional ring and SMS tones as my work finally decided to move away from the Blackberry era and into the actual smart phone era.  As everyone is getting the same phone (iPhone 6) I'm looking for a professional ring and message tone that will allow me to actually...
  9. wibi

    RIP Lennie Merullo   He was the last living Chicago Cub player to play in a WS game.  He was 98 years old and at the age of 28 played SS for Chicago in the 1945 World Series.    
  10. wibi

    iPad Air deleting all videos randomly

    Twice in the last few days my iPad air has gone through the same cycle   1) Random video wont play 2) Plug iPad into laptop to delete and re-add file 3) Find out all videos (both manually added and downloaded through iTunes) are gone 4) Swear    I'm running the latest iOS and the latest iTunes...
  11. wibi

    2015 Seahawks: Our offense doesnt need Lynch, Graham or Rawls

      Yup.   People can say this was easier to take because of last years win but it sure isnt feeling that way yet.  This had all the emotional rollercoaster feelings of 2003 for me.  Such an emotional high on the Kearse catch followed by an earth shattering low on that amazing play by Butler.  ...
  12. wibi

    BbtL Super Bowl XLIX Thread

    Figured I wanted to start the thread so some of you guys who truly hate Pete Carroll would have to deal with the topic title instead of getting to troll us Seattle fans on this board.   Opening line is SEA -2.5   Lets get this thing going with this GIF  
  13. wibi

    Syncing Recorded TV between two locations

    My dad is on a kick to downsize his out of pocket television watching expenses to the cable TV folks.    He sent me a Powerpoint presentation about what he wants to do but I have no clue if this will work so I'm hoping someone here can help me steer him in the right direction.   Goal:  Improve...
  14. wibi

    The Zen of Rooting for Club and Country

      I love this game but only watch the national team games because I really cant figure out who I want to follow closely.  I've seen Barca play at Camp Nou which makes my loyalty feel like it should go that way but thats like rooting for a front runner team while they are front runners and that...
  15. wibi

    NBA Constitution - Now Available for Review

    Figured this was worth its own thread not part of the Donald Sterling love fest.