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  1. kieckeredinthehead

    fWARconomics and the value of a win

    How much do teams pay for a win on the free agent market? In the 2014 off-season, about $7 million. Same as in 2013. Although there appears to be variation on how teams value wins, or at least the production that they're paying for.    A replacement level team is expected to win 47-48 games...
  2. kieckeredinthehead

    The curious case of Alejandro De Aza

    Since being acquired June 4, De Aza has played in nine of the team's ten games. He has had 23 PAs, hitting 182/217/227. On Sunday, he dropped a number of balls that a good fielder gets to. JBJ, meanwhile, has been hitting 335/406/497 in AAA. For those keeping score, that's by far the best OPS at...
  3. kieckeredinthehead

    Bogaerts' Defense Poll: Worthless Defense or Worthless Data?

    Folks reading this poll have probably watched Xander as much as anybody working for Baseball Info Solutions. Can we come to a consensus on what kind of shortstop he's been defensively, to this point? Ignore what he'll become, what has he done for us lately?