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    How much of the Pats have you watched this year?

    I watch perhaps 75% of what's available for me - which is limited by our living in Baltimore, not subscribing to DirectTV or whatever, and needing to be off the grid for various Jewish holy days. I do go back to the days of the ten original owners of the Boston Patriots (my father of blessed...
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    What Do You Want For This Patriots Season

    I'd like to have the Patriots experience a season in which injuries aren't much of an issue - and in the world as it is now, I guess I would need to add that I'd like the Patriots' season not to be compromised by illness as well. By the end of the season, I'd like to have the Patriots look like...
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    2019 Patriots: Post-SB Roster Thread

    Not to worry, Sir, as in this particular situation, I do believe that "engaged" is an adjective modifying "Patriots" as contrasted to being a verb at all, much less a past-tense verb. The situation here is much like how we'd analyze "an engaged couple" or "an interested observer," with the past...
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    SB53: Choose Your Own Adventure

    I'd like to see the Patriots win the coin toss and take the ball, then score immediately on a runback which would include one or more laterals. After that, when the Patriots kick off, the returner would fumble into the air while being tackled, and the Patriots would return the fumble for the...
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    Diary of a commentator

    CP, I was looking at your post #683 upthread, and for whatever it may be worth, it struck me that you communicate as well in the written word as in the spoken word. Perhaps if the incoming year is not as filled with commentating assignments as you'd like, some of the slack could be utilized for...
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    Better anthem choices than James Taylor

    If not James Taylor, how about Carly Simon whom I believe lives on Martha's Vineyard? She's only about two years older than I am, so that makes her a "contemporary" option at least to this old fart.
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    The Magic Number

    Theo, let's grow the excellent seed you've planted regarding clinching on Yom Kippur. The Red Sox need to bring back onto their roster Ray Culp to pitch that game, even though he's over 75 years old by now. Why don't you CALL, we NEED RAY to do the job for us!
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    BBtL Discussion: Slated for Off-season

    CP, one preliminary comment: since I enjoy your diary-commentary so much, you are not a faceless fan to me, and I actually tend to cheer for announcers, e.g. Mike Gorman was a high-school classmate, and Dick Stockton called the 1975 Fisk HR, so I'll always wish him well. ...just as I wish you...
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    Diary of a commentator

    Darren/CP, first, let me thank you for living your life publicly with this web-community. May you reap the most significant (IMHO anyway) benefit of such a life - you are more likely to do praiseworthy things and less likely to do what you wouldn't want to share. Second, you were genuine and...
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    A Love Letter to the 1967 Red Sox

    Thanks for Lee's essay, for the comments so far which have all brought back fond flashes of memories, and for the alert regarding the upcoming Sunday night program. In Autumn 1967 at the age of 20, I was beginning my senior year at what was then called Bentley College of Accounting and Finance...
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    One season or fewer: your favorite short-term Red Sox.

    At the risk of being summarily banned, I looked up to see that Ray Boone played some 1B for us in 1960, so we can blame him for the very existence of Aaron F. Boone. Perhaps slightly more serious and responsive to the mandated topic, but even more arcane, there is one Gordon Windhorn who has...
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    Celebrating What Is

    Excellent, L-R! Haman's "ear" and a football's "air" sound pretty much alike - Mortensen's ear was deflated such that he couldn't hear the correct information about the ideal gas law's impact on innocent footballs. As regards the prunes, it is humor like yours that keeps this site going.
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    Celebrating What Is

    Since this is a "celebrating" thread, I'll take the plunge to share my celebration, having no idea whether this will resonate with anyone else here and/or whether I'll receive whatever ridicule I'll earn. The Megillah reading for Purim this morning took on an additional meaning for me, as one...
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    Belated Observations about SB 51 -- In General Edition

    I went through the hundred prior posts in this thread and was surprised not to read anyone else imagining that the defensive offside on the tying two-point conversion might easily have construed as an "unabated to the quarterback" situation, with play being halted before the pass could even have...
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    Belated Observations From Houston

    Perhaps I'm disqualified from commenting upon the topic of good piss management, as in my old age (honest to Gronkowski, I'm 69) my nightly sleep of six hours is divided into three portions separated by two bathroom excursions. So let me harken back to when I was substantially younger...
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    The Super Bowl Thread

    I do believe that Smith's assertion is correct, namely that the Patriots will be picking up fans for just one day, and thanks for bringing that assertion to us here. I'm going to offer a very from-left-field guess as to what actually will go on. I would guess that the president will attend the...
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    Patriots Playoff Fear Factor

    In theory at least, my greatest "fear team" would be (ready for this?) Buffalo, because there would be so many "miracles" having taken place already for such a match-up to happen that people would be talking about the Bills as the "team of destiny" which would cause me to choke (though hopefully...
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    Bart Scott: The Latest Tom Jackson or Onto to Something?

    New threads are good, new threads with interesting topics are very good - thanks, Theo! Here's my set of beliefs, fully realizing that I am opining while not playing with a full deck of info: 1. Bart Scott is indeed a hater first and may or may not make his way into being a commentator worthy of...
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    Old man yells at price of baseball tickets

    I actually am an old man, but I'm not going to yell as contrasted to reviewing how I'm grateful for each of the eras of "spectatorship" I've lived through. When I was a boy living first in Roxbury and then in Brighton, I frequently attended Sunday doubleheaders for 50 cents or 75 cents for the...
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    Summertime storylines

    Thanks, mwonow, for awakening the sleeping tiger that has been BBtL in recent days! I'll play in this sandbox, as there's nothing to lose here. My hoped-for story line is that the football writers will be treating us all during training camp to a continuing chorus of stories about Dante...