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  1. jaytftwofive

    Paul Hornung , The Golden Boy" dead at 84

    Paul an All American and Heisman Trophy winner at QB for Notre Dame and all pro halfback with the Packers has died from Dementia at 84. He was the NFL's first playboy before Joe Namath. He had filed a lawsuit with Riddell saying their helmets didn't protect them enough and caused his Dementia...
  2. jaytftwofive

    Have you heard the story of Bob Sheppard pranking Reggie Jackson at Fenway Park?

    This forum seems like a civil and fairly friendly one between Sox and Yankee fans. But anyway Sheppard as most of you may know besides being the long time Yankee and Football Giants P.A. announcer was also a speech professor at St. John's. Well sometime in 1984 he was in Boston for a teachers...
  3. jaytftwofive

    Who still has the Goal Bruins album from the 69-70 season?

    I still have it but my turntable broke, lol. I wonder if that have it on CD. It wasn't as corny as The Impossible Dream album and some ways I like it better. I forget how much they felt so down at beginning of season because of Ted Green's injury. Don Earle described him as the team leader. I...
  4. jaytftwofive

    Game 6 1963 NBA Finals on now. Celtics-Lakers.

    It's not on NBA TV but a different channel. On Verizon which I have it's called either called NBA Basketball 2 or NBA Channel-2. It comes up as NBAMLS2. It's on channel hd 1451 for those of you who have Verizon. I'm sure those of you with Comcast or Cox or Direct TV can search it. The black and...
  5. jaytftwofive

    Bruins-Leafs game 7 2013 first round game 7 on at 11 PM EDT.

    It was on at 7 and they're going to repeat it at 11 on NBCSN.. Still can't believe they came back and won that game. Lucic was great. 2nd greatest comeback in Boston sports playoff history, IMO next to 28-3. And we've had a few. Oh Super Bowl 36 is on NFL now. Watching that till 11.
  6. jaytftwofive

    Attn. Pats Fans in Philadelphia area

    For those Mass. and N.E. transplants some of you know there is a Boston/Pats bar in Philadelphia. It's called Smith's and it is in downtown Philly at 39 S. 19th Street between Sansom and Chestnut. It will be packed with Pats fans tonight so I suggest you get there early. I will be there. Hope a...
  7. jaytftwofive

    "Then.........One August night, the kid in right, lies sprawling in the dirt" 52 years later, it still hurts.

    Yesterday August 18th of course was the 52nd anniversary of the Jack Hamilton beaning of Tony C, my favorite all time player. Many of us who were alive(I had just turned ten) know where they were when it happened. It still hurts to this day. It was amazing that they won the pennant without him...
  8. jaytftwofive

    Could somebody please down load and post the Channel 38 Nutcracker theme song from the early 70's ? The Don Earle Fred Cusick days

    My computer is old and not 100 %. If you can't find that maybe "Paree" on the organ by John Kiley. I think this will get us psyched tonight.
  9. jaytftwofive

    World Series film on MLB.

    Damage done is on MLB Network now from 7-9 EST. I'm also watching Colts-Texans game. It's also on again Monday at different times. Just curious to see if some of you are watching. As far as playoff game is I fear the Colts more then the Texans right now. And the Ravens.
  10. jaytftwofive

    It's been 50 years since Harvard beat Yale 29-29. Anybody remember?

    It was Nov. 23rd, 1968. Yale was ranked in the top 20, but the Crimson were undefeated also. I listened to most of the last quarter on radio in my driveway in Fall River. My Dad brought out this portable radio and he my friend and I listened to it. I think it may have been Don Gillis doing play...
  11. jaytftwofive

    To all who are Boston sports fans. Can you go to the grave with this success or do you want more?

    It has been quite nice the past 17 years. We have been one spoiled bunch to say the least. If you leave this earth are you satisfied with your teams winnings or want a little more? As far as the Sox and Pats yes. Though I wouldn't mind seeing the Sox repeat which they haven't done in my lifetime...
  12. jaytftwofive

    OK other then 2004 what was the sweetest pennant?

    I mean in the playoff era 1969 to present. (I'm 61). My choice is 1986. For me that Game 7 clincher over Angels was the sweetest to me. From being down 3 games to 1 after the heartbreak of Schiraldi hitting Downing in the 9th to tie it then to lose in extra innings just killed me. Thank God for...
  13. jaytftwofive

    Any transplants in Philly area go to Smith's Sunday?

    For those of us New England transplants living in the Philly area there is a safe haven for Pats fans at a bar called Smiths. It's on 19th Street between Market and Chestnut. It was packed today with most people in gear. (I had my Welker Jersey) We all seem to agree they just couldn't put the...
  14. jaytftwofive

    Stop the wave!!!!!!

    Hey great win tonight first. Was anybody at any of the Phillies games? What is with the wave???? I thought it was 1988 and the Morgan Miracle year(Loved that year don't get me wrong) It's not the 1980's, what's going on? This is Fenway, we're supposed to be modern and not copy cats. I swear I...
  15. jaytftwofive

    Sixers fans boo team at end of 2nd Quarter.

    The Sixers were only down 14 at the half(which is nothing in the NBA) and got booed going to the locker room at halftime?? CRAZY! The hottest team in the league with 17 straight wins and probably one of the top teams in the league right now and that's how they are treated??? They have been known...
  16. jaytftwofive

    Did Middleton's shot remind some of you of Garfield Heard?

    For some of us baby boomers and generation Xers that shot had memories of June 4th 1976. Considered the greatest playoff game in NBA history. Heard had 2 seconds or a little more to shoot but Middleton's shot??? OMG! Of course we all thought the game was over when Terry hit that shot just like...
  17. jaytftwofive

    Rusty Staub (Le Grand Orange) RIP

    I had just heard of the passing of Rusty. One of my favorites. He played for 4 teams-Astros, Expos, Mets and Tigers. My friend texted me and said he was also the only player to have 500 hits for 4 different teams. I forget how good he was also in the 73 post season for the Mets. They said the...
  18. jaytftwofive

    Former relief pitcher Sammy Stewart R.I.P.

    I just heard this week that former Oriole, Red Sox and Indians pitcher Sammy Stewart passed away on March 2nd. Sad story. He had some drug trouble and trouble with the law. And the saddest thing was that he lost 2 children to Cystic Fibrosis. So sad. He was a prankster on the O's like his buddy...
  19. jaytftwofive

    I Am Sorry I Did Not Close This Thread Sooner

    As our spoiled fan base(admit it) prepare for another possible title, what do you think are the greatest comebacks in Boston sports playoff history in one game, not an entire series? 1. Super Bowl 51 Feb. 5th 2017. Has to be. Down 28-3 early in the third quarter, 28-9 at the beginning of the...
  20. jaytftwofive

    Ok, I admit I was Wrrrrr. wrrrrr. wrong about this team.

    Remember the Happy Days episode when Fonzie had to admit to Ralph that he was wrong? Anyway like some of us I was not crazy about the Irving trade. I thought we gave up too much, especially after The Cavs extorted us for the other pick. Then when Hayward went down I thought it might be a long...