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  1. Shaky Walton

    Confessions of a Confused Brady Follower

    When Tom was on the Pats, I was as big of a Brady fan as anyone I knew. Really from the very beginning. I was so relieved when Bill made him the starter for the rest of the season in 2001. I would have been ripshit if Bledsoe had started SB 36. I wore a Brady Adidas jersey from that season...
  2. Shaky Walton

    2020 Pats: WRs and TEs...Enough?

    During the latter phases of the 2019 season, there was a lot of discussion about Tom Brady and his demeanor. And about whether his skills had eroded at all. Having gone to the Miami debacle in Foxboro, where I could get a good look at the entire field as contrasted with what the TV cameras...
  3. Shaky Walton

    Joe Thuney Franchised

    Mike Reiss tweeted that Thuney is being franchised.
  4. Shaky Walton

    Pastrnak: Place Among Bruins Snipers?

    There's a long way to go in the current Bruins season, including the playoffs. But as of now, the All Star MVP leads the league in goals and is fourth in points. We'll see how things shake out this year but regardless, it occurs to me that David Pastrnak is...
  5. Shaky Walton

    2020 Pats Off-Season: Coaching Staff & Front Office Discussion

    Why exactly do we want Nick Caserio back? So this question may look, and even be, quite reactionary. The timing certainly makes it appear to be so. But we know that the Patriots' drafting has been subpar at times. There are numerous easy and recent examples. One can look at the WRs taken...