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  1. chawson

    2019-20 Offseason Discussion

    With Chaim Bloom’s expected hire, this should be an exciting, if possibly painful, offseason. In contrast to the news and notes thread, I’m hoping this can be a place to discuss strategy and potential paths in roster construction to get back in contention, including and beyond questions about...
  2. chawson

    2019 Trade Deadline

    There are exactly eight weeks until this year’s trade deadline, which as you recall carries more significance after rule changes prohibiting August waiver trades. The Sox are currently 7.5 games behind the AL East-leading Yankees with a full 14 games against them yet to play. They’re tied for...
  3. chawson

    Sox sign Adam Lind

    Confirmed minor league deal, per Drellich. Apologies if this better belongs in the minors forum, seems like a significant player.
  4. chawson

    Yanks to sign Neil Walker

    Seeing this on Twitter, pending physical. No contract details yet. Annoyed. He's a good player and it's probably cheap.
  5. chawson

    What is Swihart worth?

    Shall this man be traded? And for whomst? Multiple reports this morning that the Sox are “flooded with calls” on Blake Swihart. It’s discussable beyond the limits of the Blake Can Rake thread since it collides with potential trade needs (probably an arm), but isn’t appropriate for the...
  6. chawson

    Sox Sending 10 Tons of Relief Supplies to Puerto Rico

    Per Pete Abe (in a Facebook post): Apparently Cora had it negotiated into his contract. Smart, classy move.
  7. chawson

    The Sox and the First Base Market

    Since these names keep cropping up in the risk/reward threads, it may be interesting to look closer at the first base market. Many first basemen broke out last year (Bellinger, Olson, Hoskins, Gallo, Bird, Bour, Smoak, Bell, Mancini, Jose Martinez, Thames and uhh, Zimmerman), and it flooded the...
  8. chawson

    Who is Our Competition for JDM?

    Finally, there’s clarity. We’re not getting Stanton, and we’re not getting Ohtani. Say what you will about Theo and Cherington, but their moves were hard to predict. DDski operates with less nuance, blunter tools. I think it’s virtually certain the Sox are in on J.D. Martinez (and that we might...
  9. chawson

    Do we need another starter?

    The FO is in a precarious spot regarding the 2018 rotation. A rotation of Sale/Price/Pom/Porcello/EdRod is excellent, but with Price’s two DL stints for scary arm injuries and EdRod’s recurring knee problems (and surgery), it would seem we’d need a legit major league starter as a #6 to enter the...
  10. chawson

    Which 2018-19 FA will the Sox target?

    You probably already know that the 2018-19 free agent class is going to be historic. There's no doubt some teams already began lining up their payrolls to prepare for it, and you could argue that the Price and Hanley signings and the Kimbrel trade each reflected that. It's still two years away...