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  1. Max Power

    Season Tickets 2021

    I got a mailer yesterday from the Red Sox that said... Has anyone received the call or learned anything about what's planned for next year? I assume they don't know much about what opening day with fans is actually going to be and when the park will be at full capacity. I just rolled my...
  2. Max Power

    Rule Changes for 2020

    All of the rule changes have been announced for 2020. I hadn't heard about the changes to the IL and minor league options. It's back up to a 15 day minimum stint on the injured list and you can't recall a pitcher less than 15 days after...
  3. Max Power

    Rick Porcello, Mr. Met Seems like a good spot for him. He's close to home and the park might contain some of the fly balls he's apt to give up.
  4. Max Power

    MLB Proposes Raising Strike Zone and Eliminating IBB I'm all for raising the bottom of the zone to the top of the knee. The pitches below that are barely hittable and the umps have been doing a really good job of calling the high strike in...
  5. Max Power

    Season Ticket Holders: Rewards Card Cannot be Used for Electronic Ticketing

    I just got confirmation from my season ticket representative that you will no longer be able to use your Red Sox rewards card as a ticket for games this season. Electronic ticketing, which is now the default option for all season ticket accounts, is exclusively handled by the MLB Ballpark app...