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  1. EdRalphRomero

    Let’s talk about Pat Mcafee

    That is a ridiculously fun way to spend 3 minutes. And of course, Polamalu is free-lancing.
  2. EdRalphRomero

    Wifi and plaster walls

    That is worth a try. I am going to try some different outlets to get different results. Thanks!
  3. EdRalphRomero

    Ryan Brasier retweets video mocking Jacob Blake response

    Thanks for sharing that @Bertha. It is encouraging and a step in the right direction and I wish I wasn't such a cynic but I have to ask if they knew you were an active member on SoSH? I think the team knows that this board has some influence in shaping fan perceptions.
  4. EdRalphRomero

    Wifi and plaster walls

    It is also worse on the PC. That's why I assumed the problem was the transmission through the electrical system. Right?
  5. EdRalphRomero

    Wifi and plaster walls

    They arrived today. On the plus side, it was a very clear system to set up and became functional right away. To the negative, the signal seems notably worse on the extended network than the (degraded) signal from the original wifi. Going to keep it for a bit and see if we can find a...
  6. EdRalphRomero

    Wifi and plaster walls

    Gotcha. And yep I understand that this isn't going to manufacture speed. If it can just halve the degradation of speed from the living room to the kids' rooms, I am going to be thrilled. Thanks again!
  7. EdRalphRomero

    Wifi and plaster walls

    I ordered the model you suggested @cgori. Thanks again for your help I will update the thread with how it works out in case it is of use to anyone else.
  8. EdRalphRomero

    Wifi and plaster walls

    Thanks Monbo. I may try that myself down the road.
  9. EdRalphRomero

    Wifi and plaster walls

    House is really old. Way before 1947. Our current WiFi is set up so there is a 5g and a non-5G option. So maybe, that is to address the issue you reference.
  10. EdRalphRomero

    Wifi and plaster walls

    @cgori Thanks so much for the response 1. My internet is DSL. Theoretically I am supposed to have 200 mbps and they advertise it as 5G. In practice in the downstairs it seems to range from 60-150 mbps. I just ran a speed test and got 88. In the weaker part of the house it seems to range from...
  11. EdRalphRomero

    Wifi and plaster walls

    Hi. Bumping because I am dealing with exactly this challenge plus I have Frontier (not Fios) bundled for both my internet and cable. I have a really old house with mostly plaster walls. House is about 2,600 sq ft. The internet router is on the bottom floor at one end of the house. It is...
  12. EdRalphRomero

    Pillar to Rockies for PTBNL, international slot money (UPDATE: Jacob Wallace)

    Anyone is a good return for him. All players matter!
  13. EdRalphRomero

    Red Sox Schedule

    Speaking purely as a Red Sox fan*, the only thing I need to see is enough games played that they reset the luxury tax. Let Mookie play for 50 or 60 games in LA and then use the reset to bring him back home. If that doesn't happen and next year's season is about getting under the tax again...
  14. EdRalphRomero

    Jay Groome (2016 First Round pick)

    I wonder what the plan will be with him this year with MiLB cancelled. He needs the innings above all else. Will simulated innings have about the same effect if he is throwing them from home or whatever? Obviously he won't have the same developmental benefit, but I am asking purely in terms of...
  15. EdRalphRomero

    2020 Pats: You Cam Go Your Own Way

    I think it is time for the modular offense where the QB, and associated offensive attack, is selected in response to the defense they are facing. The league has become ride or die with franchises betting everything on a QB taking them to the promised land. They zig, BB zags. View...
  16. EdRalphRomero

    MVP of 2004 Postseason

    I love Keith Foulke for what he did that year. He was a champ. Amazing. But it's Papi
  17. EdRalphRomero

    Retired African American baseball players on race, baseball, America

    Whatever the size of that proportion, I am 100% in it. I don't want to listen to a member of the Klan talk about his experience as a gay man in America, and I don't want to hear anything out of Torii Hunter. He's a bigot and the world would be a better place if bigots like him were told far...
  18. EdRalphRomero

    2019 Pats: WR "Bust a Move" Sanu Watch

    If you told me to pick three WR to start, I honestly think I'd take 11, Harry, and Meyers.
  19. EdRalphRomero

    2019 Pats: OL Discussion

    I'm not sure what to take from that. I think PFF's ranking system is pretty questionable (aren't they the ones who ranked Gilmore as the 21st best corner in the league recently?). As you point out, this was from before the Cowboys game and it did appear that he had a decent game against the...