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  1. Hyde's Pryde

    AUCTION ITEM: Original Artwork of Manny Delcarmen, signed by Manny Delcarmen

    That's awesome. Make two so I can keep one!
  2. Hyde's Pryde

    AUCTION ITEM: Delcarmen Mitt (Game Used)

    Whatever it takes.
  3. Hyde's Pryde

    We can do better

    Alright! That's what I'm talking about!!! We have a paypal account. I'll get someone to say where it is. lol
  4. Hyde's Pryde

    AUCTION ITEM: 2007 Team Signed World Series Bat

    I gave away most of my old WS stuff to friends, but I am willing to put up this World Series bat signed by the team if we can get $10k for it. I don't have much stuff like this left, but I'll do what it takes here if we can make a big splash. Minimum Bid: $15,000
  5. Hyde's Pryde

    We can do better

    Yes. Most definitely.
  6. Hyde's Pryde

    AUCTION ITEM: Autographed Baseball

    Huh. Was not expecting this. lol
  7. Hyde's Pryde

    AUCTION ITEM: Autographed Baseball

    Sure, I can write "to my 6 year old son" on a ball. lol Or whatever else you want. Whatever it takes.
  8. Hyde's Pryde

    AUCTION ITEM: MDC's red socks (worn)

    Whatever it takes.
  9. Hyde's Pryde

    AUCTION ITEM: Delcarmen Mitt (Game Used)

    I have an old glove that is game used. I thought I had more stuff, but gave lots of stuff to friends lol. But I'm going to keep looking and see if I can find anything. Until then, game used glove. Bidding starts at $125 (We saw one of my game worn jerseys online for that, so we will start there.)
  10. Hyde's Pryde

    AUCTION ITEM: Autographed Baseball

    That's a good idea. Let me see what I have.
  11. Hyde's Pryde

    AUCTION ITEM: Autographed Picture of Manny Delcarmen's Cat

    Awesome! Here's a picture of the cat, in case you want to see. Not gonna lie. Rev helped post the picture. But that's me.
  12. Hyde's Pryde

    AUCTION ITEM: Autographed Baseball

    Hi everyone. I am auctioning off an autographed baseball. Nothing special, but I'm told it's traditional, and that makes sense. I can autograph other stuff too, as long as you get it to me. But I don't know what you people might want, so let me know and until then, you can bid on the ball...
  13. Hyde's Pryde

    BOS bullpen 2018

    It's Cora sending a message to the bullpen as well. Like, we need to figure shit out, cause I'm a little concerned about the bullpen heading into the post season. They need to figure it out and bringing in Wright was a good message to the bullpen. And it got them out of trouble. I wouldn't...
  14. Hyde's Pryde

    Price is right

    I wouldn't go that far as being the number one in the playoffs. They have Chris Sale for that. But they wouldn't be where they are right now without Price this year. A lot of people wrote him off after the first half but I stuck with him and he proved as of right now he's worth some of that...
  15. Hyde's Pryde

    Introducing our 2018 Auction for the Boston Athletic Academy!

    What's up! So I'm new to this but if you guys have any questions for me, let'em fly. I'm told these are called 'ask me anythings' but I might not answer everything. But I'll do my best to answer in a few days if anyone has anything for me. Thank you so much. We truly appreciate it.