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  1. biollante

    Toronto FC v. Interwhatever

    At the Rent in Hartford. 5,000 max Anyone have information on parking or socially distanced tailgating ?
  2. biollante

    K9 Web Protection

    Somehow K9 Web Protection got on my computer. No one said they installed it, and I believe them. It can't be uninstalled without a password which no one knows. I really don't want to get a new password because it seems like a scam. Is this program legit ? This is all strange. Is there a...
  3. biollante

    How to watch the Exeter v. Liverpool F.A. Cup match today without a t.v. ?

    I am one of the few Exeter fans in the world. Long story. I would like to watch part of today's match ? Will it be on Redditt (which I know nothing about ?) Thanks for any help.
  4. biollante

    How to watch Premiership games without a tv ?

    Any tips ? I thought there was a way to do this ?
  5. biollante

    Red Bull Arena this Sunday

    So, I agreed to go to this game this Sunday with the Crew. My nephew is a Crew fan from Columbus. I am coming from Central CT. Are there places to drink before the game ? Is there an away pub ? Or is it all parking lot ? I know nothing about Newark and this stadium. I really, really...
  6. biollante

    Music Platform for Android

    I have one of these new Android phones. I tried Itunes  a few years agoand thought it was terrible  ~ I couldn't maintain my own music on my own device without redoing it.  I am looking for something that is simple and flexible so I can put my own music on it and buy music through it too.    I...