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  1. biollante

    Leeds United 20-21: They're back!

    My son told me yesterday that Leeds are the only team to win total possession in every game in the league. Fun to watch but results are not guaranteed.
  2. biollante

    Tottenham Hotspur 20/21: Do we suck?

    Players leaving at half time cannot be good. Kane being injured cannot be good.
  3. biollante

    Mets Scandals

    Isn't this how he ended up on the Mets ?
  4. biollante

    Big wave surfing

    These waves are crazy. How many people die or get seriously injured each year surfing ? I should have done this when I was 21.
  5. biollante

    MLS Offseason 2020-21: TAM, GAM, Thank You Ma'am.

    Why are MLS team names so lame ? CF Montreal should be banned.
  6. biollante

    Jason Varitek tests positive for Covid-19

    So, how is Tek ?
  7. biollante

    Hey, the Foxboro Revolutions are playing again!

    The Revs need a grass field. The field at Foxboro is an injury waiting to happen.
  8. biollante

    La Liga 2020-2021: The year someone else breaks through?

    Rooting for Lecce in the B Division. I hope to make it there some day.
  9. biollante

    Sox Owners, Partners Plan Major Development Around Fenway Park

    May we be sterile now ? So, with all this real estate development, ticket prices can be reduced so families can attend ? Will this be a shot in the arm for more people to watch baseball ?
  10. biollante

    Toronto FC v. Interwhatever

    No tailgating. Missed this link the first time:
  11. biollante

    Toronto FC v. Interwhatever

    At the Rent in Hartford. 5,000 max Anyone have information on parking or socially distanced tailgating ?
  12. biollante

    International Break (06-16 October)

    I wish I didn't need some weird cable plan to watch some football. I can manage to watch Hartford Athletic in about minutes.
  13. biollante

    JBJ in 2021

    I don't see the Pirates trying to get JBJ. MLB needs relegation to get the Pirates out of the majors.
  14. biollante

    Red Sox pitching carousel thread (our pitching is HISTORICALLY bad)

    As soon as I pass a Covid test, I will join the rotation.
  15. biollante

    FA Cup

    He didn't get the bundle. Damn.
  16. biollante

    Joe Kelly suspended 8 games for throwing at an astro

    I can't believe Dusty Baker is still a coach. 8 games is a joke. MLB has become a parody of AA ball.
  17. biollante

    FA Cup

    I think my son bought Disney Plus for his girlfriend, will that work ?
  18. biollante

    FA Cup

    like a stove ? Why is the world so complicated ?