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  1. LondonSox

    Sixers thread: now with expectations

    New 2018-2019 sixers discussion thread.
  2. LondonSox

    The process is dead, long live the process.

    New thread for discussion of Hinkie and or the process. If mods want to move in other posts that's cool otherwise we can just continue here I also would like to be very clear that the reason I adore Hinkie is he thinks how I think in terms of how to make decisions. All I want in a GM is someone...
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    2017 Eagles: Thread Under the Influwentz

    So I guess I'm very late, and we need an Eagles thread. I have been a bit overly focused on the Sixers, my personal relocation and my son. So when I have time I'll add some videos etc to support comments, and I'm going off memory so may come back with some corrections. Lot of moves and trades...
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    Playoff Prediction thread

    Feels like we Should have one of these! Matchups GSW vs Portland Clippers vs Utah Houston vs OKC Spurs vs Memphis Celtics vs Chicago Washington vs Atlanta Toronto vs Bucks Cleveland vs Pacers For me Round 1 GSW 4-1 Utah 4-2 Houston 4-2 Spurs 4-2 Celtics 4-1 Washington 4-2 Toronto 4-2...
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    NBA 2k17

    So I'm really trying to learn more and get into basketball, which I only played at a low level in England... so basically didn't. Does anyone else play NBA 2k and did anyone else get the new version? To say the least I'm a little lost, there is literally no tutorial, and no manual. It's a...
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    Where do you go for your best NBA articles/ reading

    With Grantland dead I assume Lowe and friends will show up on ESPN or elsewhere but where else do you guys go for your reading (preferably not entirely Celtics centric). I used to read Grantland, I look at reddit too, but the the NBA section is a mess, and I read a couple of Sixers blogs etc...
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    Player behaviour: at what point would you rather a good player wasn't on your chosen team?

    I thought this was an interesting topic that came up in the Cowboys thread following the Hardy signing. Most Cowboys fans seem ok to pay this guy for his talent, on a good deal for them, despite his case only going away because the victim refused to testify (most seem to believe due to...
  8. LondonSox

    2015 Eagles: What the hell is going on here?!

    I have been super busy personally but I'll be finishing a piece for inside the pylon soon with extended thoughts but Damn this offseason got crazy. Right now the Eagles have promoted chip, demoted Roseman and then chip seems set on lighting everything Roseman did on fire. Roseman gave 2012...
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    State of the Eagles part 2: Blitzadelphia     Part two covers the improvement in the Eagles pass rush, despite no significant new personnel, without any drop off in run defense.   Any feedback appreciated and welcome.
  10. LondonSox

    State of the Eagles Part 1: Fly Sanchez Fly      Big thanks to the editing team for making my excited ramble an actual article, the first of many.  Appreciate any feedback, especially as many will not follow the Eagles.
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    South Park coming after the NFL or at least the Washington Football team   So even if it is just anti the casual racists and Dan Snyder I'm excited. But I am assuming it is going to be...
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    The sixers and building a winner

    I read up a lot on the sixers ahead of the draft, and my wife is from Philly so was of interest because of that too. I find the plan the sixers are using pretty fascinating and pretty compelling as a way to build a potential champion. The sixers have been basically average for as long as I...
  13. LondonSox

    2014 Eagles: Chip Chip Chipadelphia

    Pretty high profile offseason so far!   Resigned Riley Cooper (who broke out with Chip and Foles) for 5 years 25 million, only 8 million guaranteed though. Aside from the racism disaster last year Cooper made a big leap and with the money guarantees long that looks like a decent contract to me...
  14. LondonSox

    Coaches: Who do you like

    After the Eagles Saints game the game thread ended up having a conversation about Chip Kelly and if he was any good. Or if we know yet. Made me think it might be an interesting conversation. Who do you all like, and who do you think sucks? Full list and Wiki link for win percentage etc...
  15. LondonSox

    Mookie Betts

    Not just a ridiculously awesome name but rapidly becoming a real prospect and no adopt a prospect thread. Lame. So I'm volunteering to correct that. I will make some more complete posts on scouting and results when not at work but in the mean time... Mookie he of the more bb than k and...
  16. LondonSox

    Dodgers Landing on Bay of Puigs

    I didn't see a thread on this kid and he just finished his first 100 major abs with a 4/5 day raising his average to .436 I know we are still in SSS but impressions seem more, this doesn't seem bloop hit driven performance. The walk rate 4%, is a little on the low side but power speed average...