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  1. glennhoffmania

    Computer Fan

    Starting today the fan on my laptop won't stop running. I haven't done anything differently and I haven't downloaded anything. Out of the blue from the second it boots up the fan stays on now. I checked task manager and the only thing running was Chrome. I shut down and rebooted and there...
  2. glennhoffmania

    Kobe Killed in Helicopter Crash
  3. glennhoffmania

    Samsung Tablets

    Does anyone have the S4 or the S5e? I'm looking to upgrade my S3 and I'm trying to decide if the extra cost for the S4 is worth it. I've read lots of good things and a few bad things about both. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  4. glennhoffmania

    Wifi and Router Issues

    I've been having problems with my modem and router over the last couple of months. I would periodically lose connection for a couple of seconds and then it would resolve itself. I've had a Spectrum tech at my apartment four times since Christmas to check out the signal strength and swap out...
  5. glennhoffmania

    What does this error message mean?

    I get this message a lot, on pretty much every site I go to. Eventually if I keep hitting refresh it works. But I have no idea what this is or what's causing it. Anyone know? Your connection was interrupted A network change was detected. ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED
  6. glennhoffmania


    I use Pandora during the day and until recently it worked great. For the last few days it won't stream. After most songs I have to either hit play again or reload it. Has anyone else noticed this issue? I've gone through the troubleshooting but nothing has worked. I can't tell if it's a...
  7. glennhoffmania

    Another Computer Purchase Thread

    I need a new laptop. It's been a long time since I shopped for computers and I don't know much about them. Basically I need it for MS Office, web browsing, iTunes and once in a while. No games and I don't need a crazy monitor or anything fancy. What specs should I be looking for in...
  8. glennhoffmania

    Darling: The '86 Mets, Greenies and Beer

    Ron Darling has a book coming out in which he describes how several of the '86 Mets took amphetamines and shotgunned beers during the games. This should lead to a forfeiture of the '86 title, right?
  9. glennhoffmania

    Google Play Music

    I just bought some music on Google Play. I can listen to it on the play music thing but how can I transfer it over to my music player? It's not showing up there when I try to add it to a play list.
  10. glennhoffmania

    Wireless Printer Won't Connect

    A few months ago out of the blue my computer and printer stopped communicating. Same thing with my wife's computer. I figured the thing had just died. We then got a new modem from TWC for other reasons and the printer started working again. The modem is still working fine, except the printer...
  11. glennhoffmania

    Greinke Opting Out

    No big surprise.        
  12. glennhoffmania

    Week 6 Survivor

    This week seems brutal.  Denver @ Cleveland and NYJ v. Washington seem like the better picks so far.  I'm thinking about going with NE just because I hate every other game.
  13. glennhoffmania

    Week 5 Survivor

    I'm having a tough time making a decision this week and I'd like to see what other people are doing in their pools.  I had planned to use Bal v. Cle but that pick doesn't seem as great as it did a couple of weeks ago.  KC v. Chi, Atl v. Was and NYG v. SF are other options (I already used GB). ...
  14. glennhoffmania

    Manfred May Push Back Trade Deadline

        I would be in favor of this.  Give teams a little more time to make some decisions and work out some deals.   Link
  15. glennhoffmania

    Resolution/Font Issue

    All of the sudden the font on my computer changed.  I didn't intentionally adjust anything.  Now everything looks cloudy and less clear.  I've screwed around with the resolution settings but that didn't fix it.  I thought maybe I changed the default font for my browser or something but that...
  16. glennhoffmania

    Converting Video Files

    My wife recently, and stupidly, switched from Android to iPhone.  Now whenever she takes a video with her phone and sends it to me, I can watch it on one of my video players but I can't save it to my gallery because of the different file type.  It's in my downloads folder so I have it saved, but...
  17. glennhoffmania

    Yankees Interested in Re-signing Headley

  18. glennhoffmania

    2014 Cy Young Awards

    The AL Cy Young race is pretty interesting this year.  Here are the candidates in my opinion, with record, ERA, WHIP and Ks:   Felix- 14-5, 2.12, .92, 217 Kluber- 14-9, 2.47, 1.10, 223 Lester- 14-10, 2.52, 1.10, 199 Sale- 11-3, 2.09, .94, 183 Richards- 13-4, 2.61, 1.04, 164   As I write this...
  19. glennhoffmania

    Shockwave Flash Crash

    I keep getting messages saying Shockwave Flash has crashed, asking me if I want to reload.  Then it'll say it's crashed and has to close.  I'm using Chrome.  How do I fix this?  Should I uninstall flash?