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  1. HomeRunBaker

    Official NBA 2019-20 Betting Thread

    Very little discussion going on in Fistful with sports betting in general so bringing this here to maybe get some chatter going. It is critical in NBA (and NCAA) to find early numbers before the market makers pound them. Pre-season is here!!! Discuss. I had in-game U13 earlier in the week then...
  2. HomeRunBaker

    Official 2019 Summer League Thread.

    Maybe a few days premature but I'm giddy with anticipation to be in the stands on July 5th. This time I will be purchasing tickets well in advance probably as early as today once I can confirm my schedule out there. Hopefully, the clusterfvck seating situation to see Zion isn't the same as it...
  3. HomeRunBaker

    Anthony Davis: No Loyalty

    Is this a nothingburger to you guys? How much momentum will trade talks get should the Pelicans get off to an 8-13 start with 12 of their first 21 on the road? Based on LeBron's history of bringing along veterans with him I do not expect the Lakers to retain their youth past this first season...
  4. HomeRunBaker

    Celtics sign PJ Dozier to a two-way contract

    Ex-HRB binky PJ Dozier has signed a two-way deal with the Celtics. Loved this kid coming out of South Carolina as a tall-2 value play who had some filling out to do (6-6, 195) and needing to develop a 3-point shot. Played 2 years of college, improved his 3-point shooting from 21% as a FR (1.4...
  5. HomeRunBaker

    Setting the Odds

    My opinion is mine which can be debated........however there are facts in regards to the oddsmakers in play which cannot be debated. The line that oddsmakers place on an event have literally zero to do with who they feel will win or who they expect to win. The line is made to create equal...
  6. HomeRunBaker

    Hip Hop - The Isaiah Injury Thread

    From Brad's mouth 4 days ago....... “He has his follow-up appointment here in a couple of weeks to determine next course of action. And nothing’s determined after that,” said Stevens. “He hasn’t done a lot, physically, and will be off his feet until that next appointment, or won’t be doing any...
  7. HomeRunBaker

    The 2018 NBA Draft

    It isn't too early to take a look at the '18 draft class which is loaded at the Top 3 spots depending how you feel about Michael Porter. DeAndre Ayton appears to be a legit stud big prospect while anyone who has yet to see a Real Madrid game really needs to check them out. There hasn't been a...
  8. HomeRunBaker

    2017 Lottery Night Discussion - It's never too soon (Thanks Billy King!)

    Now that Jeremy Lin is out with the Nets being less pesky, and college hoops is underway we can return to our regularly scheduled anticipation of Lottery Night 2017. There are currently 7 teams, including the Nets, with 4 or less wins and our wish must again be a Top-3 pick. Over the next...
  9. HomeRunBaker

    Celtics 2016 Summer League Thread

    It's right around the corner! I'll update original post with a roster once one is released. So far we've heard that Guerschon Yabusele will be making his debut along with all of our other rookie draft picks (Brown, Jackson, Bentil, and Nader) while Ante Zizic isn't expected to come over. It all...
  10. HomeRunBaker

    Is Brad Stevens 2016 Coach of the Year?

    When is coach of the year and the like announced? His will be very interesting and tight between Stevens, Stotts, and Kerr. I doubt Pop gets many votes but he is very deserving of the award in my book for what he's done with that Spurs team.
  11. HomeRunBaker

    NCAA Tournament Day 3 - Saturday Game Thread

    Surprised Wichita State was an 11-seed as 4 of their losses were without the glue to their team PG Fred VanVleet. I thought the committee took stuff like this into account. Could be a tough one for Miami as it doesn't seem to be a true 3/11 game......although with this seasons parity most of...
  12. HomeRunBaker

    Welcome back to the Celtics (for 10 days anyway) Coty Clarke!

    My greatest recollection of him years ago at Arkansas was as an undersized poor mans Sully used as a rotation big. He was in camp with us and most recently with the Red Claws. Can't see him being much of a factor in fact I predict he will end up being best remembered for Scott Souza breaking...
  13. HomeRunBaker

    Vlade and The Trainwrecks - Live in Concert!

    Where to begin..... Boogie is Boogie, Karl comes in and pushes to trade Boogie only to attempt to make up in Vegas resulting in Boogie giving him the cold shoulder for all to see. Sign Rondo who is best buds with Gay and who knows what with Boogie or Karl. The owner hires Dean Oliver as his key...
  14. HomeRunBaker

    Celtics SL and other Orlando/Vegas happenings 2014

    Celtics announce their SL roster to include the maximum of 4 veterans of Olynyk, Pressey, Babb, and Johnson (no Vitor!).
  15. HomeRunBaker

    The Wicked Premature (Jeff) Sellers Thread

    Thinking ahead to the unthinkable. Contenders will be looking for help behind the plate (AJ), in the outfield (Vic?), in the bullpen (Koji and others), rotation (Lackey, Peavy), and hopefully at 3rd (WMB). The return on each will vary based on need and key injuries these contenders have from...
  16. HomeRunBaker

    Who would you replace Buchholz with in the rotation?

    At this point I'm willing to bet that Ranaudo gets Clay's start this weekend on his normal rest. What were the odds 3 years ago that two of our organizations best arms would both go Bard and Buchholz on us?
  17. HomeRunBaker

    Gerald Wallace is a tool!!

    .......and may literally KILL Jeff Green before the seasons over!! "Youre sitting, only playing 17 or 18 minutes a game, Wallace said. Youre watching, you know you can still play, and you watch guys in front of you who dont play with effort, dont respect the game and dont think team first. It...
  18. HomeRunBaker

    When will Rondo return?

    I'm torn between "Sometime in December" and "Derrick Rose-style" gut says mid-January when we are 14-31 to show teams he's healthy prior to being dangled at the Trade Deadline.    Vote!