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    Wifi for Car Trip

    So in the Blind forum I posted that I was taking my kids on a driving trip. They have requested some wifi along the way. When I let them use my phone as a hot spot, they absolutely destroy its data (like used 2GB in hours) - wondering if there is a more efficient way to buy wifi for a trip that...
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    Wifi Connection Issue

    So I have a standard comcast router. Right now I am plugged into the ethernet on the laptop and it's moving along nicely. The laptop is in the same room as the router. The connectivity shows 5 full bars at all times.   If I take the ethernet out and just use wifi, my connectivity gets...
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    Powerline wired connections

    My apartment doesn't lay out well to run an ethernet wire my PS3 to watch Netflx/etc. When I am streaming my wifi is too slow to run my laptop, etc.    So I am wondering if the power line option is an inexpensive way to be able to connect my dvd player in the bedroom, PS3 in the living room, and...