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  1. JimD

    Bubblicious - The Syracuse Basketball Thread

    He's being an ass, as usual. That 'how dare anyone who's never played question my basketball brilliance' shtick is beyond tired, but everyone at SU walks on eggshells around him.
  2. JimD

    Thank You, Jackie Bradley Jr.

    Thanks for the endless number of highlight-reel catches and the timely hitting in the 2018 ALCS that allowed the Sox to topple the Astros. Good for him for getting his payday, such as it is in 2021. Damn shame that he could never consistently put it together with the bat - he'd be fetching a...
  3. JimD

    Mets Scandals

    It would be comforting to believe that this was just one bad guy, or just a few shortsighted teams, but I have no faith that there aren't dozens of Mickey Callaways throughout MLB, the NFL, the NBA, etc., or that my favorite teams would act any differently if they were confronted by allegations...
  4. JimD

    The AAA Sox Stadium Thread: Where Ever They May Roam

    Do we know if the division-only schedule is permanent or if it's due to Covid and hopefully just 2021 only?
  5. JimD

    Sox Officially Sever Ties With Lowell Spinners (With a Caveat)

    I guess the 'National League Brought to You by FanDuel' and the 'American Express League' rebrandings can't be too far behind.
  6. JimD

    Benintendi to Royals for Franchy Cordero, Mets RHP prospect Josh Winckowski, and 3 PTBNLs

    Unlikely, because the Sox already got Winckowski from the Mets, so it's doubtful the prospect will be the same caliber as Lee.
  7. JimD

    Predicting the Future: How Many SBs Does Mahomes Win?

    I was just wracking my brain trying to remember which teams Brian Griese played in the SB for.
  8. JimD

    Thank you, Petey: Dustin Pedroia announces his retirement

    Tom Verducci's 2011 SI profile of Pedroia had this classic introduction which is one of my favorite bits of baseball writing ever: SI Vault - The Muddy Chicken Hits It Big Thanks for everything, number 15.
  9. JimD

    2021 NFL: Stafford to Rams for Two 1st Rd. Picks, One 3rd Rd. Pick, and QB Goff

    Maybe it will be good for him to be pushed out of LA and have his life shaken up a bit. Plus, the pizza will be a serious upgrade.
  10. JimD

    Phillies to sign JT Realmuto

    5 years, $115 million. The Athletic - Phillies, J.T. Realmuto agree to 5-year, $115.5 million deal: Sources
  11. JimD

    Mets Scandals

    I'm assuming that other ex-Cubs employee who was the go-between is going to be named pretty quickly (and rightfully so).
  12. JimD

    Joe Posnanski: Lord of Lists

    Nice shoutout to SoSH from KenTremendous on the latest Poscast.
  13. JimD

    Mets Scandals

    It is confirmed that at least one Cubs employee was informed and acted as a go-between. The Cubs organization does not get to use the 'Oh, we didn't know' excuse a s get-out-of-jail-free card - at minimum, it speaks to a major organizational failing that an employee could receive such news and...
  14. JimD

    Mets Scandals

    If the story as currently reported is true, then the Cubs organization comes out looking horrible. MLB needs to investigate and drop the hammer to send a message across baseball.
  15. JimD

    Who should start for this team in 2021?

    This is where I am. Let Chaim do his thing and build the next great Sox team. I'd rather not have him feeling pressure from Werner & company to sign a few big names to boost NESN ratings.
  16. JimD

    2021 Pats: Possible Coaching Changes

    Bill is going to be 69 years old in three months - at some point, don't we want a few of these people to stay around for succession-planning purposes?
  17. JimD

    wild card games sch

    Why? With Mahomes sitting home on a bye, Brady is the biggest star playing this weekend. I'm sure NBC fought like hell to get that game on Saturday night prime time.
  18. JimD

    Joe Posnanski: Lord of Lists

    The Hall of Fame Outsiders: No. 17, Luis Tiant & Billy Wagner
  19. JimD

    2020 Pats: You Cam Go Your Own Way

    Belichick has incredibly high standards and we can safely conclude by now that Stidham doesn't meet them. It doesn't necessarily mean Jared is lazy, doesn't care, got petulant when Cam was signed, etc. - it could simply be that he tried his best but his best wasn't good enough for Bill
  20. JimD

    2020 Pats: You Cam Go Your Own Way

    Really surprised they haven't brought in Johnny Foxborough yet - Bill used to compare him favorably to Tom Brady all the time.