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    Swihart traded to Dbacks

    I am hesitant to overreact if I don’t know all the facts. I would feel the same as the consensus without the facts, but I suspect that there is more that needs to be known here. With all of the space on the 40 man roster, they could easily execute a trade or bring in an unsigned free agent...
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    2017 Jimmy G: The Dilemma

    Given the rarity of the Pats keeping 3 active quarterbacks, maybe it is Brissett that the Pats are planning on offloading and keeping JG as the heir apparent.
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    Gordie Howe has Died

    When I was 7, I went to a lot of practices and Gordie always remembered my name and asked how I was. That still means a lot to me. My favorite memory was at the home game before Gordie scored his 1,000th goal (NHL goals plus WHA). It appeared that he scored and the Civic Center went crazy for 5...