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  1. SoFloSoxFan

    Ride the Lightning Remastered

    On Tuesday the Bruins had to play hard for 60 minutes to scratch out a 2-1 win in Tampa against a Stamkos-less band. This show is in Boston, but the Bruins will need to perform even better. Stamkos is still out but the Bruins will presumably be missing their (imo) most steady rock back in the...
  2. SoFloSoxFan

    Extinct the Panthers (the team, not the animal)

    I lived in South Florida when this team was formed and followed them for a while. The year of the rat was interesting, there was a real interest and excitement about the team. Not so much these days. Time to eliminate their playoff hopes for good. Thursday, 7:00. NESN.
  3. SoFloSoxFan

    Ride the Lightning

    This game needs no explanation. Tuesday, 7:30, NBCSN. Flick the switch.
  4. SoFloSoxFan

    Weiland the Island

    The Islanders are a great team. Or at least they were. Forty years ago. Now they are thoroughly mediocre, fighting for a spot in the playoffs. Old friend Johnny Boychuk still plays on the island. He is a veteran presence on the blue line. A steadying factor in the locker room. That will help...
  5. SoFloSoxFan

    Death to the Stars

    Sure, I'll take a shot at a Bruins game thread. The Stars are the only team that has have given up fewer goals than the Bruins this season. That's the only good thing I can come up with for the NHL team that resides in Texas (say what?). Old friend Tyler Seguin is still playing, putting up...