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  1. Sille Skrub

    2027 NFL: How long does Brady play?

    What the GOAT is doing is amazing. Until Tom Brady came along, Father Time was undefeated. How long can he do it?
  2. Sille Skrub

    Final rankings 12/20: Who is your top 6?

    The top two seeds are head and shoulders above the field. However, for posterity: 1) Alabama 2) Clemson 3) Ohio State 4) Texas A&M 5) Cincinnati 6) Notre Dame I think it’s time to expand the playoff. Six teams, two byes. No more than that. Power 5 champs all get an automatic and one wild card...
  3. Sille Skrub

    What’s rotten in Boston?

    What’s going here? I’ll give you Kyrie is crazy, but now this is two quality, professionals in a row leaving millions on the table to leave Boston. This is an Eastern Conference finalist three out of the last four years. The future is supposedly so bright, with a budding potential top five...
  4. Sille Skrub

    2020 NBA Draft Game Thread

    Might as well start this up. I predict the Celtics do nothing except draft 4 players. Can we get two franchises in the G league?
  5. Sille Skrub

    The Damien Harris Sploogefest

    Harris has been an absolute beast. I think he's the best back we've had since Corey Dillon, maybe even Curtis Martin. What do we have here? Will Sony Michel see the field again?
  6. Sille Skrub

    Patriots defeat Bills on 11/1

    Calling it now.
  7. Sille Skrub

    9/20 Pats at Seattle

    The train just keeps on rolling. Should be a great test out in Seattle on SNF.
  8. Sille Skrub

    9/13 Pats vs Dolphins

    The post Tom Brady era begins.
  9. Sille Skrub

    Sterling prediction thread. Deadline 2pm Tues 4/29

    What do you think happens tomorrow? What does the NBA do? What can they do? The press conference is at 2pm. Predictions accepted until then.