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  1. DeadlySplitter

    Nick Yorke

    He has the makeup for sure. The big detraction is he's 18 and already ruled out of SS I think, all the upside is in the bat. Ceiling is Pedroia I'd think?
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    Spring Training Games

  3. DeadlySplitter

    Spring Training Games

    Whitlock, our rule 5 pick this year. I want to see how he's doing. No, let's see Arozarena race a horse.
  4. DeadlySplitter

    Spring Training Games

    Arauz can play. definitely could be a supersub at the ML level and will great AAA depth this year. for those who didn't see, Perez was a statue and did not cover 1st on a dribbler to 1st.
  5. DeadlySplitter

    Spring Training Games

    another defensive gaffe right away? sheesh.
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    Spring Training Games

  7. DeadlySplitter

    Spring Training Games

    judging Richards after one batter... he's washed!
  8. DeadlySplitter

    February 28 vs Wizards

    SEASON SAVED... for a game
  9. DeadlySplitter

    Osich to Cubs for Zach Bryant

    "The #RedSox today acquired minor league RHP Zach Bryant from the Chicago Cubs, completing the August 31 trade for LHP Josh Osich. " View:
  10. DeadlySplitter

    Bruins 2021 Season Thread

    Bruins claim a defenseman from Preds, could play tomorrow.
  11. DeadlySplitter

    February 26th vs Pacers

    they really tried to blow a 9 point lead with under 3 to go. not seeing many fixes there.
  12. DeadlySplitter

    Spring Training 2021

    as close to a "best shape of my life" story you'll get nowadays. "Vazquez down 15 pounds, Dalbec down 10, Raffy and JDM slimmed down. @MarlyRiveraESPN was on the Baseball Tonight podcast today talking about how it stuck out to her how good the Red Sox fitness level was. " View...
  13. DeadlySplitter

    2021 NFL: QB Carousel

    the Saints can't afford him, at least not this year. Not sure why he'd be interested in Chicago.
  14. DeadlySplitter

    2021 NFL: QB Carousel

    Pete Carroll is quite the stubborn guy.
  15. DeadlySplitter

    MLB Spring Training News and Notes 2021

    It's La Russa time: he wants Eaton to bat 2nd. View:
  16. DeadlySplitter

    2/23 - Celtics @ Mavericks

    got Doncic'd to fall below .500. but not the reason we lost overall
  17. DeadlySplitter

    2/23 - Celtics @ Mavericks

    Tatum loves turning it over in the final minute.
  18. DeadlySplitter

    MLB Offseason 2020 News & Notes

    If you'd like to laugh at the Mariners some, their team president was overly honest and racist at a recent interview.
  19. DeadlySplitter

    2020-2021 Yankees Offseason Discussion

    Heyman also says the 2nd year option would make it close to 11M overall. Cash's hard-on for Gardy continues. View: