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  1. the1andonly3003

    iTunes podcast feed limit?

    I subscribe to both Bill Simmons Podcast and Men in Blazers and had been catching up on some old episodes. After yesterday's upload of new episodes, the feed was trimmed down to the last 100 episodes. Is that an iTunes issue or publisher deciding to only list the last 100 episodes?
  2. the1andonly3003

    Boston Book Festival: Sports Writing 10/24

    If anyone is interested, Charlie Pierce and Leigh Montville will be speaking (free event) during the Boston Book Festival later this month:    
  3. the1andonly3003

    Upgrading DDR2 SDRAM

    Looking for some advice.   I am upgrading my memory from 4GB to 8GB on my Vaio FW290.  Is there a particular brand I should look for, or particular specs that fits Vaios only?   Is this something I can find at Microcenter, or dig around on Amazon?  ...
  4. the1andonly3003

    Change of Address for Kevin Love - How About Causeway Street?

    Sully, Gerald Wallace and our own 1st pick this year is all I'm willing to give...use the rest of the trade chips to get other building blocks
  5. the1andonly3003

    Getting More of Jim Nantz and Phil Simms...2014 TNF Co-Produced by CBS and NFLN       It looks like we lose Mike Mayock calling NFL games this season.  This will be a killer to the primetime schedules for ABC and NBC.