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  1. cannonball 1729

    Mathematical Eliminatory 2019 - the (hopefully) triumphant return!

    All right....time for another year of lamenting the fallen! For the second year in a row, I'm releasing an album right during the height of elimination season, so I make no promises as to the punctuality of these writeups, but we go.... On August 9, the Orioles lost to...
  2. cannonball 1729

    2018 Mathematical Eliminatory

    For yet another year, it's time to mourn/celebrate/ridicule the fallen. Yet again, I'm never quite sure whether my September schedule will allow me to finish this thread, but there's no harm in at least getting things started: As a great purveyor of insurance once noted, life comes at you...
  3. cannonball 1729

    Mathematical Eliminatory 2017

    Wait - is it really that time of year again? It looks like it's time to get this puppy cranked up. You all know the drill; one by one, we'll bid adieu to the each of the twenty teams who simply weren't playoff material, starting with the two that were mathematically eliminated last night...
  4. cannonball 1729

    Mathematical Eliminatory 2016

    It's that time again! The way we did this thread last year kind of killed the thread, so I'd like to get back to just posting articles here and letting you guys comment - the (morbid) community of death-watchers that forms around this thread is always kind of fun. So let's get started! With...
  5. cannonball 1729

    How Scott Boras broke the draft

    In case anyone wants to take a look at how Scott Boras changed the draft, I posted an article on the .com detailing the various Boras techniques and how they've worked:
  6. cannonball 1729

    Official 2015 Elimination Thread

    It's that time of year again.....time to bid adieu to the twenty worst teams in baseball.  I'm  a little behind on the eliminated teams , but I'm hoping to get all caught up in the next day or so.   Anyway, since it doesn't make sense to have live content in two places, I'll be announcing the...
  7. cannonball 1729

    Wei-Yin Chen catches Hellenic Flu

    Or at least that's why the Orioles are sending him down to single-A       Chen disagrees:   "I...
  8. cannonball 1729

    Torii Hunter's Stupidity is Not News

        Well, I may have some bad news, then:   RandBall        ✔ @RandBall Follow Hunter just called St. Paul reporter @MikeBerardino a "prick" after Berardino asked him about marriage/deadspin/arkansas stuff.
  9. cannonball 1729

    Official 2014 Elimination Thread

    All right, I guess it's time to fire this up.   I'm not 100% sure I'll have time to write all of the obituaries this year, but I'll do what I can.  Last night, we had our first team whose elimination number hit zero:         It’s somehow fitting that the Rangers’ season started with the...