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  1. Cumberland Blues

    First time baseball coach

    Yeah - that's good re the HBP. We used tennis balls - but anything they can get plunked with a bunch of times w/o getting hurt until they just instinctively turn the right way will work.
  2. Cumberland Blues

    First time baseball coach

    Yeah - this. One year I had three kids named Jackson...the one who played hockey I called Skates....the one who's family were (otherwise very nice people but) Yankee fans was Reggie...I didn't know the third kid before this season and he picked his own nickname...."Ultramosh" - I still have no...
  3. Cumberland Blues

    First time baseball coach

    Yeah, I did something like this...I had a set order - but whoever was on-deck when the game ended hit leadoff the next game - and then I just moved the rest of the lineup accordingly.
  4. Cumberland Blues

    First time baseball coach

    Your 5 bullet points indicate you already have a pretty firm grasp on how to go about this. I coached my kid's teams from t-ball all the way through his first year of Babe Ruth ball...the U10 age group was my favorite by far - have fun. I'll just reinforce the "kids play everywhere" thing...
  5. Cumberland Blues

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    Worked for me last season.
  6. Cumberland Blues

    Sox sign Garrett Richards to a 1 year, $10 million deal

    He was healthy last season. Yeah, it was a short year, but he pitched the whole season and was pretty good.
  7. Cumberland Blues

    Mets trade for Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco

    Damn...Cookie's one of my favorite players, do I have to like the Mets now? Seems like a decent haul for the Tribe - but I'm more bullish on Rosario than FF* is. Too bad for Cleveland that Lindor had a down 60 games instead of a 60 game hot streak in the covid year.
  8. Cumberland Blues

    Might as well start talking about 2021

    This seems like a good take. I've followed this guy a bit - posts elite exit velo numbers when he actually makes contact, and can fly. The lack of contact is the issue.
  9. Cumberland Blues

    2020 youth sports what are leagues doing

    Nothing official yet - but rumor is Vermont HS hoops will happen, but will be spectator free.
  10. Cumberland Blues

    Mlb has proposed “the Baseball Cup” a single elimination tournament between all MLB and MILB teams.

    This definitely sounds fun to me. And I think if you factor in MLB rehab assignments, the chances of an A-ball upset of an MLB team become a bit less far-fetched. And this could be the first step toward some sort of relegation system for baseball, which would be awesome, imo.
  11. Cumberland Blues

    July/August game thread

    Is there something about everyone working remotely that makes showing replays extra tricky?
  12. Cumberland Blues

    2020 youth sports what are leagues doing

    My son is playing in a U15 league that has rules similar to what Saints Rest describes - except the (masked) umps are calling balls/strikes from behind the plate. And they make the 1B wear a mask when holding a runner on. Each team has their own game balls - pitcher and catcher can use dugout...
  13. Cumberland Blues

    Covid and MLB

    I can't believe the players union signed off on masks being optional for the plate ump.
  14. Cumberland Blues

    2020 youth sports what are leagues doing

    My son's U15 baseball team is going to start practice on Monday. They've scheduled ~20 in state (VT) games against other club teams even if all of the O-O-S tourney's get cancelled. The boy is beyond excited that he's actually going to get to play this year. I am guessing there is going to...
  15. Cumberland Blues

    2020 youth sports what are leagues doing

    I am curious as to what's going to happen to summer baseball in NE. None of the four tournaments (2 in MA, 1 in CT and one in NY) my son's team is scheduled to play in this summer have been cancelled yet - but I'm not optimistic. Given that these all require hotel stays, I'm assuming they'll...
  16. Cumberland Blues

    Baseball Drills (Covid-19 Version)

    My kid's a freshman in HS and he still hits rolled up socks off a tee (or soft toss) into a wall inside when we can't go outside. This is good for anyone who doesn't have a net or something else to hit into outside.
  17. Cumberland Blues

    2020 youth sports what are leagues doing

    Vermont is keeping schools closed for the rest of the academic year...which surely means no HS baseball. The Vermont Principals Association (sports governing body) has not cancelled spring sports yet, but only because they are holding out (foolish) hope that the governor will reconsider and...
  18. Cumberland Blues

    2020 youth sports what are leagues doing

    My son's school (in NW Vermont) just canceled all extra curriculars through March 31, with a decision on whether or not spring sports happens or not to be made then. My kid lives for baseball - he's going to be heartbroken if the HS season is cancelled.
  19. Cumberland Blues

    2019-20 Offseason Discussion

    "I wish there were a picture of George Washington riding a horse on my favorite baseball team's cap." Said no one, ever.
  20. Cumberland Blues

    Whose Departure From the Sox Devastated You Most?

    I can't believe jose melendez did not answer Phil Plantier.