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    The cost of youth athletics

    For Basketball folk- @reggiecleveland can maybe answer this best.... what is the year round cost to "get noticed" ? And does a kid from Podunk (State/Territory/Province) have a chance to "make it" if they can't afford to showcase their talents?
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    The cost of youth athletics

    I didn't intend this to be an indictment of soccer, that is just my experience. I was never a good enough basketbal player to be anything other than the 8th man off the bench when our coach ran a 12 man rotation. One of my "cousins" (our parents were best friends in college) was a gymnast and...
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    The cost of youth athletics

    Spawned from a derailment in BBtL... this crosses multiple sports. From a personal level, I played soccer at a fairly competitive level for 3 seasons growing up.... and I know the cost was nowhere near what it is these days (I know, because I know my parents wouldn't be able to afford it)...
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    2021: The Nation's Tears Are Still Here

    I am going to start a new thread in the general sports forum for the cost of athletics... I think it is a great topic of discussion. And the mods are always saying more threads are better...
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    2/21 Flyers at Tahoe - time to clear the air

    Pasta now in a tie for 75th for most career hat tricks. T5 for active. And he started about a decade after everyone else in the top 5. (Hockey Reference still has Kovalchuk as 'active' . I guess he is still playing in the KHL, so he can always return stateside?) 1. Alex Ovechkin 2005-06...
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    Value of a Coaching Staff

    Great question @Frisbetarian . Nice to see you around these parts again. Bruce said this after last night: I don't have too much to add as I never learned how to skate (picture a giraffe on ice to get a sense of what it looked like when I tried). But I think a coaching staff establishes a...
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    2021 NFL: QB Carousel

    I am not sure how accurate it is, but the PFF Mock simulator has the comps as 96, 139 and 145.
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    Red Sox sign RHP Hirokazu Sawamura, 2 yr/$2.4M

    We have yet to see if he can stab a ground ball and underhand it to first.
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    C's pick Aaron Nesmith #14 overall

    I was looking at the box score/ made shots from last night, as I didn't get to watch the game. The PP 3, came off of a great secondary (hockey) assist from Nesmith. He had an open-ish 18 footer, but tossed it in to RW3, who kicked it to the corner to PP. I think earlier in this thread...
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    Real Life Fantasy Golf - Following Rob

    He's having a good second 9. Has it down to -1 on the day with 2 holes left.
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    Predicting the Future: How Many SBs Does Mahomes Win?

    Does Mahomes have the ability to adjust will be the biggest question going forward. TBay took the NE method of "beat us with your other players" -- basically ran the NE gameplan (double Hill, jam Kelce)-- the fact that their front 4 could get home was an added plus. Mahomes seemed to have no...
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    Getting Smart with Statistics

    I light-hearted Smart related blurb from a Celts Q&A in The Athletic. The question is who would perform the second-best in Celebrity Jeopardy amongst the Celtics (assuming Jaylen wins). A portion of Jay King's response:
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    2/3 @ Flyers

    Great quote by Cassidy captured by Fluto today in the Athletic:
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    2/3 @ Flyers

    Not a GPG player. Pathetic. What a disgrace. </JE6>
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    2021 PGA Tour

    And we all recall when Rory had given himself a worse lie when his ball had been stepped on, for the integrity of the game. If you act above reproach, you get treated as such.
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    2/3 @ Flyers

    Make the Flyers Blidh!
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    2/1 @ Capitals

    Thanks @TSC - you answered it perfectly for me.
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    2/1 @ Capitals

    I half- forgot about this game... grabbed my phone and saw them down 3-1. Looked back a bit later and saw it was 3-3. Immediately followed the rest here and on GameCast (leading to Carlo and Marchy goals). But-- more credit to cshea. My question, from a guy who can't skate... is Nick...
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    2021 Pats: QB Options

    Agreed. Judging the NE TE's on one year (with injuries) with no offseason as "stink[ing]" is harsh. I think it has been said on this board how TE is one of the hardest positions to come into and make an impact as a rookie- needing to learn all the blocking schemes plus the entire route tree...
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    Bruins 2021 Season Thread

    Thanks... my eyes were getting too dry anyways.