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  1. SumnerH

    Search is disabled for tonight's game

    I've shut off a few features for the duration of tonight's game to try to keep the server up (I doubt it'll help but it's worth a shot). They'll be turned on again after the game.
  2. SumnerH

    Let's Talk in Earnest about Gallo

    BR has a post up on Joey Gallo, who is currently on pace for 50+ home runs with a 92 OPS+. He's below the Mendoza line, hitting .197 with a .274 OBP: (Before you run off to look, Brady Anderson had a 156 OPS+ in 1996). Last year, Gallo had a 121 OPS+, which is pretty good—but still low given...
  3. SumnerH

    Tatum ankle watch

    Tatum is in a walking boot and undergoing MRIs today on his right ankle. Stevens on the injuries this year: “Until we have only four left, I guess we’re just going to keep playing."
  4. SumnerH

    Quarterbacks 1930-1970

    So I just posted about how good Sammy Baugh was in another thread; a lot of that can be chalked up to a different era (you're not going to see a QB who's also the top punter and top CB by interceptions in the league these days), but the fact that he's got a season in the top 5 all time by...
  5. SumnerH

    Pitching from the stretch vs. the windup

    Hardball Times looked at it and found no velocity advantage to pitching from the windup vs the stretch among MLB pitchers. It'd be interesting to see more data on this.
  6. SumnerH

    Postseason Eligibility Rules (AKA "Yes, Moncada is eligible")

    The official rules on postseason eligibility are posted over at the .com site. Everyone on the team's 40-man roster (and DL/bereavement/etc) is eligible for the postseason, whether or not they were on the Major League roster on Aug 31. Any other player who is in the organization before Aug 31...
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    We had a failure of some kind on the new database server--it's probably a configuration issue with the new setup, still sorting through exactly what happened but we should be okay to go now.
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    Don't give your phone number to Facebook. Or Google. Or Microsoft. Or Apple. OR...

    Lots of websites have started asking for your phone number so they can text you a PIN as a security measure when logging in. There are a bunch of reasons not to do this. For starters, the value of keeping your phone number secure often outweighs the value of the account you're protecting. And...
  9. SumnerH

    2016 Iditarod

    I miss Dogman's threads on this. Mitch Seavey beat the 2014 speed record by 1 hour--and lost. To his son. Dallas Seavey finished in 8 days 11:20:16, for his 4th win in 5 years. Unfortunately one dog died this year, in what looks like a deliberate snowmobile attack by a drunk man. AFAIK Matt...
  10. SumnerH

    Trading Lavarnway?

    This has nothing to do with pitch framing.  Splitting it out.   EDIT: More threads are good, everyone, feel free to go ahead and start a new one rather than shoehorning a thought into a vaguely related thread!
  11. SumnerH

    Posting Youtube videos

    How to embed a youtube video: 1. Copy the URL 2. Paste it into your post without any markup   It'll embed automatically.   #2 is key--you can't paste it in as an HTML link.  3 ways to paste plain text:   1. Shift-Ctrl-V  (rather than just Ctrl-V) pastes plain text in most browsers 2. Right click...
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    Embedding YouTube videos

    I just made a couple of fixes to youtube embedding: 1. Embedding https links (rather than plain http) was broken; fixed. 2. Embedding mobile links (, rather than or was broken; fixed. Hopefully this fixes most people's issues with embedding youtube...