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  1. Rancho Relaxo

    CD/Music Ripping Solution

    Confession: I love buying CDs. Still. I know that says certain things about me, but I just can't get past not having a tangible thing in my hands to represent my music purchase. Problem is, I have fewer and fewer devices that play CDs (just our home stereo and cars). So, I need to get ripping...
  2. Rancho Relaxo

    SoSH app: iOS ad display

    I'm not sure if this is the right spot, so feel free to delete/move/convene a hoedown. In a weird convergence of work life and real life, one of the ads served up in the iOS SoSH app is one from my employer. Thing is, it flickers (flashing on and off) like a seizure-inducing Japanese robot...
  3. Rancho Relaxo

    PC to Mac transition

    I've been a PC guy since high school (a sweet 386, 20MHz with an 80MB hard drive). Years pass, and I'm happy in the PC domain -- heavy word processing, surfing, a bit of home audio recording and the occasional game (usually an older RPG or strategy gem). Sadly, my current laptop PC suffers from...