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  1. CantKeepmedown

    2021: The Nation's Tears Are Still Here

    Chris Simms wants some attention. The whole thread is something else.
  2. CantKeepmedown

    Houston: Turn Down for Watt

    His wife plays professional soccer in Chicago. Looks like seasons overlap a little bit. Do the Bears have room or make any sense?
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    2020 Tompa Bay: Tom Tom Club

    Yes, and 2nd half performance in the ATL game as well. Sure, the ATL coaches deserve their fair share of criticism, but there was no room for error (party due to Brady himself). Some of the throws he made on the final drive (and in OT) were otherworldly. Oh yeah, I forgot he gets no credit...
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    2020 Tompa Bay: Tom Tom Club

    These are the common themes you'll see in comment sections and other teams message boards. The first 3 - defense and AV bailed him out. And they were cheating (spygate) Seattle and ATL - idiot coaches handed him those rings Rams and KC - defense bailed him out again Then you have DFG. And he...
  5. CantKeepmedown

    2020 Tompa Bay: Tom Tom Club

    Him getting wildly booed prior to SB 50 (during the ceremony celebrating all prior SB MVP's) really seemed to make him embrace the hatred he gets. It was reported that he texted Edelman afterwards and said "Everyone fucking hates us! Let's win it all next year" Which they obviously did. Now...
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    Super Bowl 55 Predictions

    I've been worried that KC might blow them out. Even though everything indicates that they won't. I was surprised to see that prior to the AFCC, the Chiefs hadn't beaten a team by more than 6 since week 8. Add in their gimpy OL and TB's good/great D, and that should be recipe for a TB win. I...
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    Celebrating What Is

    And Brady would be going for ring # 8 and Manning would only have 1.
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    2021 BBHoF Ballot

    Bob Ryan with quite a take here. Hoo boy I mean, Carlton said some pretty wacky shit but I don't see it nearly rising to the level of what Curt has publicly stated. And Carlton had a much, much better career than Schilling did. This is an odd take from Bob.
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    2020 Tompa Bay: Tom Tom Club

    Don't underestimate the Brady haters. They'll turn a 6-4 record in Super Bowls as a knock against him. Francesca will definitely be asking if it's better to be 6-4 or 4-0.
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    Super Bowl LV: What is Your Current Rooting Interest?

    Been on board with Brady and TB all year. Won't stop now. I've actually quite enjoyed these playoffs and the TB games. You get the nervous excitement for the games without the constant doom and gloom leading up to it. And if they lose, I'll shake it off as I'm not emotionally attached to TB...
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    2020 Tompa Bay: Tom Tom Club

    The twitter comments on his video with Gronk are outrageous. People really, really hate the dude (granted, a majority of them are salty Green Bay fans). I think he knows how disliked he is and actually likes twisting the knife a bit. I love it.
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    Classy Championship Game (NFC and AFC) Game Thread

    I can only imagine the outrage from KC fans if the independent neurologist doesn't clear Mahomes to play. But the fact that he was initially listed as a full participant on Wednesday is a good sign. I assume Buffalo is preparing for him to play (as they should).
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    Philip Rivers: Hall of Famer?

    I'll always remember him toughing it out in the 2007 AFCC game with what turned out to be a torn ACL while LDT sat on the bench with a sprained knee and a giant winter coat. I know it's different with a knee injury and being a RB but fuck LDT forever. Rivers was a tough competitor with some...
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    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    You can tell these guys have been looking forward to this day. They are absolutely killing the Patriots (and their fans) in the open. Should've done more to keep Brady and around and mocking Belichick for thinking they'd be fine without him. The utmost praise for Brady and the winning...
  15. CantKeepmedown

    What SB do you want to see and why?

    My preference is Brady having a chance to win so my ranking would look like: Bucs-Bills Bucs-KC GB-KC GB-Bills Bucs-Bills is too hilarious to pass up. The thought of the Bills finally getting back to a SB only to possibly lose to Brady would be a pefect cap to a 2020 season. KC-GB would...
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    Dope Divisional NFL Game Thread

    None of those 4 really lit it up this weekend either. Nobody went over 300 yards. Brady is more than capable of hanging in there with them. But your overall point is correct. He'll have to be much better next weekend.
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    Confessions of a Confused Brady Follower

    I rooted the whole time as well. And I while the day of excitement/anxiousness never got the near the levels it does when our team is in, I was still very much looking forward to watching him. Again, no screaming at the TV and feeling sick as the WFT hung around, but still, a lot of fun. I...
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    The Ringer

    The S3 writers for Cobra Kai even put it in an episode (someone during one of the board meetings yells, "I heard you were the one that was the bully!") to LaRusso. It was hilarious.
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    How much of the Pats have you watched this year?

    I've had every game on from start to finish, but not necessarily watching as closely as usual. It used to be you never missed a snap and only went to the bathroom or left the room during a commercial. Now I find it much easier to be distracted or go do something else around the house if it's...
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    Now that the Patriots season is over, who are your AFC rooting interests?

    Anyone but KC, Baltimore, or Pittsburgh. Gimme Buffalo or Cleveland