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  1. valentinscycle

    2015 New York Mets: Only a fool would say that

    With apologies to Walter Becker, native son of Queens…   A boy with a plan A natural man Wearing a white Stetson hat   Sandy still has his backers in the five boroughs, if only because of the general (and pretty well substantiated) belief that the Wilpons are keeping a tight leash on the...
  2. valentinscycle

    2014 New York Mets: All Da Duda Day

    Maybe this wasn’t supposed to be The Year, but as of last July it was supposed to at least be The Year Before The Year.  Contracts that were supposed to be holding down spending were coming off the books— supposedly.  Jason Bay’s 4 year/$66M?  A bad memory.  Johan Santana’s 6 year/$137.5M? ...