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  1. NoXInNixon

    2021 Pats: QB Options

    Vegas has the 49ers as +1500 to win next year's Super Bowl, which only makes sense if they know they're getting Watson.
  2. NoXInNixon

    2021 Pats: QB Options

    Having an elite QB and no talent around him is not much better than not having an elite QB. Houston had Watson this year and won 4 games, two of which were against the Jaguars.
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    2021 Pats: QB Options

    That's great in a vacuum, but you also have to consider the acquisition cost. Goff and JG are mediocre at best but would cost almost nothing to get. The Patriots have lots of holes to fill and can't afford to give up multiple picks to get a top notch QB. They're going to have to find a diamond...
  4. NoXInNixon

    Following the 2020 NBA Draft Class

    I don't think Sacramento was ever going to trade that pick, but would the Spurs or Suns have traded pick 11 or 10? There's a good chance the players they wanted would have been available at 14, and they could have picked up another pick.
  5. NoXInNixon

    Following the 2020 NBA Draft Class

    I wonder how hard Danny was trying to trade up to get him as he skid down the board, and what teams were asking for. I remember so many of us wanting the Celtics to find a way to draft him. Would you trade Nesmith and PP for him right now? I would.
  6. NoXInNixon

    Mets Scandals

    We men have been told through movies and TV shows our whole lives that women dig persistence. If you want a woman enough, all you have to do is keep declaring your love for her over and over, and never take no for an answer, and eventually she will give in and give you a chance and fall in love...
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    Payton Pritchard drafted #26 overall

    What if you sell it to Kemba as load management? They're going to limit his minutes by bringing him off the bench. Not a demotion, just a response to his injury. If PP is really the real deal , maybe this time next year we're talking about trading Kemba away to some place where he can start...
  8. NoXInNixon

    2020 NFL: Ongoing COVID-19 Impact

    This will finally answer the question: Is having Mike Tomlin a better option than having no coach at all?
  9. NoXInNixon

    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    All he was saying was that 2020 was not comparable to 2000 as far as what it meant for the future of the team. Which is classic Felger, arguing against a point that no one ever tried to make, in a way that is guaranteed to be misunderstood.
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    Is Teambuilding obsolete?

    LeBron, Durant, AD, and Kawhi are four of the five best players in the league, and the teams they play for didn't have to do anything to get them except exist. And those teams currently have the best odds to win this year's title. Maybe that isn't a long term trend, but I worry that it's the...
  11. NoXInNixon

    2020-2021 NBA Game Thread

    This is going to be a very weird regular season.
  12. NoXInNixon

    Is Teambuilding obsolete?

    I don't know if it's a problem that the best players in the league are now more powerful than they've ever been before. But it sure seems like at this moment in time the best way to assemble an NBA title contender is to be a place where the best players want to play. Sure, Toronto won a single...
  13. NoXInNixon

    Is Teambuilding obsolete?

    Why isn't Paul George lumped in with those other two?
  14. NoXInNixon

    Is Teambuilding obsolete?

    It doesn't require any great skill to have a lot of cap space after being a terrible team for several years in a row. And their incredibly deep team was a playoff non-factor last season, so their team building is like 10% responsible for how good they are.
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    Is Teambuilding obsolete?

    I enjoy sports on two levels. First, and most importantly, I enjoy the thrill of watching unimaginably talented people performing amazing athletic feats, especially if they're players on a team I root for. And I enjoy the tension of hoping my team or my player will win. But I, like most of...
  16. NoXInNixon

    Analysis of Celtics Games (2020-2021)

    I'm not even sure they'll be the #1 seed. Without depth, and given the short off-season and compressed schedule they're going to give away more games than the Nets will.
  17. NoXInNixon

    Cleveland Indians not changing their name until at least 2022

    I've always thought that "Nine" would be a great name for a baseball team.
  18. NoXInNixon

    The Existential Extension Crisis - Will Giannis Stay in Milwaukee?

    But the NBA wants to see the best players in the league in the Finals. It's good for the league. The max contract was created so as to enable superteams.
  19. NoXInNixon

    Stop hoarding TP(E) - the what should the Celtics do with the TPE thread

    I still dream of Rudy Gobert on this team. He would be absolutely perfect. But I wonder if they have enough value now to send back to Utah without hitting the team. Utah would really have to fall in love with two Celtics young players.
  20. NoXInNixon

    Tatum got the bag(5 years, $195 million)

    If Tatum isn't All-NBA next year, then he's not the player we think he can be, and the Celtics are screwed. Their only road to a championship is on the back of Tatum putting himself in the MVP conversation. Might as well bet on that outcome.