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  1. Chuck Schilling

    2018 Golf Thread

    Needler, sounds like PP didn't follow the below part of the guidance in your link. When he replaced his ball, if he'd instead just placed his putter alongside the marker and placed his ball on the green that would have reversed how he'd marked the ball. The way he did it might have ended up with...
  2. Chuck Schilling

    2018 Golf Thread

    Westover AFB is hosting an air show next weekend, and the muni course next door is a really good take. Looks like they've got a shotgun start at 8:00, air show starts at 10, and tee times open from 1:00 on for Saturday, Sunday times will open up tomorrow morning...
  3. Chuck Schilling

    The Nation's Tears: Volume II

    Participant ribbon winner
  4. Chuck Schilling

    SBLII: The Brady Watch

    Treating one hand differently from the other will lead to muscular imbalance. It could take him months to recover his form from that.
  5. Chuck Schilling

    Patriot Force One

    You could just point them here, couldn't you?
  6. Chuck Schilling

    Belated Observations about SB 51 -- In General Edition

    Kudos to NFL Network for not filtering the Goodell booing
  7. Chuck Schilling

    Celebrating What Is

    Still can't believe that catch by Jones
  8. Chuck Schilling

    Borderline HOF QBs Who Has Gone Criminally Underappreciated by the Public

    How on earth can you argue that Brady/Rodgers/Brees overcame bad coaching and/or ownership? I'd agree that Manning had to, to an extent.
  9. Chuck Schilling

    Race and the Red Sox

    If someone is detracting from your enjoyment of the game, please call the security hotline at 617-226-6411, which is printed on the back of your ticket Fenway code of conduct
  10. Chuck Schilling

    Turkey Day Game Thread

    The June Taylor Dancers!
  11. Chuck Schilling

    2016 US Open (Tennis)

    Halep showing some guts here
  12. Chuck Schilling

    Manning Legacy: Scrotal Recall

    I've got to agree, I'm of the "bake sale" comment triggered a good part of the enmity on the part of the commissioner. He's a small man.
  13. Chuck Schilling

    Contract Extensions for Ainge and Stevens

    Harry Mangurian saved the franchise from John Y Brown and knew enough to stay out of Red's way. His ownership was brief but fantastic.
  14. Chuck Schilling

    Is the NFL Draft watchable?

    Jamie Naughright got the same message.
  15. Chuck Schilling

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    No, we're all sick of it, too.
  16. Chuck Schilling

    The Pats Injury Watch: Collins & Jones

    Well, you do have to factor in the potential for the Pats to lose on Saturday.
  17. Chuck Schilling

    Belichick Breakdowns 2015

    Modell had a sour relationship with 2 of the greatest football minds of all time - the 30-30 on Paul Brown is tremendous, and has the kicker of having some great BB commentary.
  18. Chuck Schilling

    Patriots trade Michael Hoomanawanui to the Saints for DE Akiem Hicks

    Yup, you have to try harder than that to slip one by ole Pxer