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  1. Lefty on the Mound

    New WiFi router or Mesh network

    I will be moving to a new home that has Xfinity as its provider. I'm going to sign up for the 1000 MBPS service. I have the option of paying $14 a month for their modem/router combo or bringing my own. I'm guessing I can do much better than what they provide (I'm in seacoast NH). What...
  2. Lefty on the Mound

    Rooting Interests

    Actually, the Red Sox beat the Dodgers in the 1916 World Series when the Brooklyn franchise was named the Robins.
  3. Lefty on the Mound

    Farrell or . . . . ? You tell us!

    A key point in the 4th game of the ALDS yesterday was when Farrell go booted, making DiSarcina the in-game manager. His decision to trot Sale out for a fifth inning of work was poor. It forced him to bring Kimbrel in mid-inning. I believe that Farrell would have brought Kimbrel in to start the...
  4. Lefty on the Mound

    Nexus 7 to a TV

    I have no experience with this but it seems that a Nexus 7 had Bluetooth capability. So maybe something like this:ī
  5. Lefty on the Mound

    Red Sox to expand netting behind home plate

    Everyone has an opinion. If the experience you pay good money for is adversely affected by a change then your opinion of that change matters. Otherwise it does not.
  6. Lefty on the Mound

    Red Sox to expand netting behind home plate

    How long have YOU been a season ticket holder, Corsi? If the change doesn't affect you then your opinion has no value.
  7. Lefty on the Mound

    Wireless Printer

    Couperin, I bought that exact printer about a year ago on your recommendation. Thanks! What is your experience with the non-Canon ink replacements? Is there anything I should watch out for when selecting a 3rd party ink replacement?
  8. Lefty on the Mound

    Internal hard drive replacement recommendations, please

    The hard drive in my wife's Dell 660 Inspiron desktop shit the bed. It's (was?) a 2000GB Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM with 64MB cache and a 6.0GB/s transfer rate. I hooked it up to a universal drive adapter and plugged it into the USB port on my laptop which failed to recognize it. I expect that...
  9. Lefty on the Mound

    Will Red Sox-Yankees ever be the same?

    It was the 2004 ALCS that threw a bucket of cold water on the red hot intensity of the rivalry, not the World Series win. After coming back from being down no games to three and sweeping the Yankees, all Sox fans were given the ultimate gift: a way to forever silence obnoxious, vocal, taunting...
  10. Lefty on the Mound

    Should the DH be implemented in both leagues?

    During inter league play, MLB should allow each team to decide whether to use the DH or not. <br /> <br /> If their team chooses to have pitchers hit, NL fans will see their teams lose most of their home inter league games. <br /> <br /> IIf their team chooses to use a DH, NL fans will see...
  11. Lefty on the Mound

    Recommend me a laptop

    I bought this about a month ago based on a Couperin47 recommendation. I really like it. <br /> <br /> 8gb RAM<br /> 256gb SSD<br /> Very nice 13.3 inch screen<br /> $700<br /> <br /> <br /> <a class='bbc_url'...
  12. Lefty on the Mound

    SoSH Baseball: PLAY BALL!

    Just got finished reading the piece on pitch framing. It was really well done. I feel smarter about baseball. Thanks! I'd like to know which SoSH members wrote which articles but understand if they wish to protect their anonymity.
  13. Lefty on the Mound

    Name the new Hartford minor league team!

    Call them the Charter Oaks. <br /> <br /> Or Choaks for short.
  14. Lefty on the Mound

    Spring training news thread

    Great quote about AJP in the article above:<br /> <br /> While playing for the Red Sox last year, the veteran catcher was ejected from a game when he turned to rookie umpire Quinn Wolcott and said, "Give me a ball, a new ball -- one you can see."<br /> <br /> <br />
  15. Lefty on the Mound

    A new ultraportable laptop option

    I bought one of these and started migrating my stuff over to it on Friday. <br /> <br /> This thing boots up from full shutdown in seven seconds. <br /> <br /> The 256 Gb SSD drive comes divided into two logical drives. Drive D has 128Gb free and Drive C has the operating system. <br /> <br />...
  16. Lefty on the Mound

    MLB Hot Stove News Only Thread

    The Sox would have justifiably asked for more had Theo been going to a division rival instead of to the NL.
  17. Lefty on the Mound

    Max Power

    If it took 6/155 plus a vesting year for 15 more to get Lester, what's the price tag on Scherzer?
  18. Lefty on the Mound

    MLB Hot Stove News Only Thread

    Braves trade Heyward<br /> <br /> <a class='bbc_url'...
  19. Lefty on the Mound

    Napoli to undergo facial surgery for sleep apnea

    Picturing Pedroia visiting him post-surgery, saying "Hey Nap, does your face hurt? Well it's killing me!"
  20. Lefty on the Mound

    Is Otterbox as good as it gets for protecting large phones?

    I have the SG MAXX case from Ballistic. I like it a lot.