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  1. Kremlin Watcher

    Nostalgia Tech Market?

    We have managed to collect over the years piles of devices that we no longer use and that seem worthless. Before we pitch them all, I thought I would check to see if anybody knows if there is any kind of nostalgia market for old devices like iPods, Nokia phones, etc. The standard sites like...
  2. Kremlin Watcher

    2016 Texas Longhorn Football: The End of the Beginning

    Spring football is behind us, but the Charlie Strong recruiting machine moves forward unhindered by conventional deadlines. Texas gets four Baylor refugees as the baptists' football program crumbles to ashes, moving this Texas recruiting class ranking up to number seven nationally. Phenomenal...
  3. Kremlin Watcher

    Apple Password Reset Scam

    I got a very official-looking email just now that my AppleID password had been re-set. I didn't re-set it, so I clicked on the link to fix it and it shot me straight to a site that was either malware or a simple scam to get my Apple password. My computer went nuts so I quit out immediately and...
  4. Kremlin Watcher

    Canon Printer Won't Print from Windows

    I'm at my wit's end. We recently bought a new Canon Pixma MX920 printer to replace the evil HP one that died. We had such a bad experience with the HP machine that I was resolved to buy anything other than an HP. So we got a good deal on a Canon MX 920. Hooked it up, installed the drivers, ran...
  5. Kremlin Watcher

    2015 Cape Cod League

    No one has started this year's Cape Cod League thread, so here goes nothing.   Orleans is killing it this year, pounding home runs at an unprecedented pace and now owns the top spot in the league with a record of 17-6. They look like the team to beat this year.   And tonight they play Cotuit in...
  6. Kremlin Watcher

    Mike Sherman's New Job

    This is so strange and wonderful:   Former Packers coach Mike Sherman will coach Nauset Warriors   My wife graduated from this high school, as did my eldest daughter. My youngest will graduate next June. One of my nephews played football at Nauset, and I am now certain that my youngest nephew...
  7. Kremlin Watcher

    Yosemite Upgrade Warning

    I just upgraded my OS on my MacBook Pro to Yosemite.   If you have a Mac and haven't yet performed this upgrade, DON'T!!!   Although it has some cool features and a nice look, it is super RAM hungry and pretty much guaranteed to reduce performance to a crawl. All functions on my machine are now...
  8. Kremlin Watcher

    Mobile Site on Mac Problem

    A few days ago, I hit the SoSH bookmark on my toolbar and it sent me to what seems to be the mobile web site. No regular navigation tools, no nothing except the mobile site features. Is there any way to fix this?
  9. Kremlin Watcher

    Autoplay Video Ads

    What the hell was that? I just loaded the home page and got a damn autoplay video ad for the movie "Noah" in the right sidebar.   Please say it ain't so. Autoplay videos are the one thing that will guarantee I won't visit a website.